Gicumbi: Needy families got food and hygiene commodities

By Elias Hakizimana.

In a bid to strengthen the measures of combating and help people affected by Covid-19, the African Initiative for Mankind Progress Organization (AIMPO) in partnership with European Union (EU) donated food and hygiene commodities to Historically marginalized people and other poor households in Gicumbi District.

The support that combines together 1.5tonnes of maize flour, 878 kgs of beans 76 basins, 76 jerry cans and 154 bars of soaps benefited 76 households that are comprised of 343 people. Each individual was handed 6kgs of maize four, 4kgs of beans, 1 basin, 1 jerry can and 2 bars od soaps.

Beneficiaries with smiles, said the support will help them to eat and cater for hygiene and sanitation.

Emile Rutikanga, one of the beneficiaries from Bukamba Village, Ngondore Cell, Byumba Sector in Gicumbi district used to gain a daily survival up on part time jobs. He said it was difficult to find food during the period of #GumaMuRugo/StayAtHome since Covid-19 entered in Rwanda.

“I am a small holder farmer and I depend on daily part-time job to find food. I am happy to get this support. I had remained with few food and this is going to help me in some days,” he said.

“This support comes on time and we are happy for that. The government used to support us and we hope we will not suffer a lot because we still have good Samaritans,” said Nyiramajyambere, another beneficiary.

Richard Ntakirutimana, Chairperson of AIMPO said that they have been working in Byumba sector since three years ago and are building a nursery school there. “We have thought on how to support our beneficiaries who were affected by covid-19 pandemic. We currently help them to reach development through advocacy. This activity of delivering food and hygiene commodities was done in three districts including Gicumbi, Nyabihu and Musanze. These beneficiaries are affected by #GumaMuRugo and they do not have food. We wish that covid-19 ends soon and we encourage them to continue abiding with our government’s guidelines to combat the outbreak.” Ntakirutimana noted.

European Union Ambassador to Rwanda Nicolas Bellomo said that it was their pleasure to support Rwandans who are facing the consequences of Covid-19.

“We have come here to support the government to cater for affected people by covid-19 through Non-Governmental Organizations. We have put efforts in collaboration and building a strong partnership as Europeans and our fellow Rwandese people.” He noted.

So far, since Covid-19 started in Rwanda, AIMPO supported 1516 people with 9096 Kgs of maize flour, 6064 Kgs of beans, 343 basins, 343 jerry cans and 686 bars of soaps.

The organization works in four districts of Rwanda which are Gicumbi, Musanze, Bugesera and Nyabihu.

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Elias Hakizimana

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