Children request government to top up the budget to improve their welfare

By Elias Hakizimana.

Children from Ruhango, Kirehe, Burera and Nyarugenge districts requested the government of Rwanda to consider their views in the new budget 2020-2021.

Through the local organization dubbed Children’s Voice Today (CVT) that advocates for children’s welfare, their views were presented to the commission in charge of budget in Rwanda’s Parliament on May 29, 2020.

Speaking to some children from Nyarugenge district, most of their concerns embarked on current problems affecting their well-being because there is not enough budget for such.

Diane Uwase, 16, said “we wish that the government increases the budget allocated to ICT lesson and increase the time for teaching it. We also request that they increase the budget for electricity so that all children manage to revise their lessons at home during evening time. Children need pure water at school but many schools still have one water tap.

Uwase also requested to put in place a budget for family planning and train parents in this regard. She mentioned that parents who give birth to many children fail to cater for their welfare. “For example during covid-19 period when many people were locked down, a parent who lost a job failed to nourish children and to give them other basic needs,” she said.

Uwase and her colleagues also requested for a special fund to help children learn more about Sexual and Reproductive health and train teachers of Biology course to emphasize on children’s welfare.

Commenting on Education, Ramadhan Mutiganda, 16, thanked the government for the efforts injected in increasing classrooms and raised other issues that still hamper children with (physical) disabilities.

“Children with physical disabilities still lack equipments to facilitate their movement to school. I know a child in Mageragere and another from Kigali sector whose wheel chairs are old. We request the government to increase the budget to tackle such problems,” Mutiganda said.

Patrick Irakoze,14, from Kimisagara sector said: “We recommend the government to increase hygiene equipments and more girls’ rooms in schools. We also request that they bring ICT tools to children. Some tools are there but are not used and the time for ICT course is not enough,”

Elizabeth Muyinganyiki, 13, applauded for the government to tackle school dropouts and requested to increase medicines in hospitals and health centers so that every citizen manages to get them without relying to medical prescription to buy medicines in pharmacies on higher prices.

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Elias Hakizimana

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