AIRTEL Rwanda on track to keep Kigali motorcyclists and their passengers Safe

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Kigali 28th May 2020: Airtel Rwanda announced today its readiness to fully equip Kigali motorcyclist’s taxis with a brand new reflective jacket and a cashless digital payment option through Airtel Money.

In response to the announcement made by RURA on 27th May 2020, Airtel Rwanda has put in measures to allow motorcyclists take up cashless payment from 1st June 2020.

Upon the release of Moto taxis within the city of Kigali, passengers are offered the convenience to pay for their rides through easy steps from their mobile phones via the short code *544#.

During this coronavirus crisis, digital payments have been keeping economies running and helping people reduce chances of infections.

Through the *544# platform moto’ riders will receive payment in a cashless mode, seamlessly using Airtel Money.

The payment solution will also see them redeem fees to their respective cooperatives, hence receive discounts at any Mount Meru fuel pump.

Commenting on the upcoming plans, Amit Chawla, MD at Airtel Rwanda expressed: ‘In this times of reopening, we are extremely excited to delight motorcyclists with an AIRTEL vest that keep them clean, safe and protected.

Moreover, mobile payments have proved to be a safety measure to user’s risk contracting the virus through touching infected surfaces or cash.”

Airtel Rwanda has partnered with fuel companies including Mt Meru Ltd to offer a discount to motorists on essential services like fuel and lubricants when paying with Airtel money to avoid cash transactions.

Speaking on behalf of the association, Ngarambe Daniel, Chairman FERWACOTAMO said “Security, connectivity, and accessibility are some of the key issues we are keen to address as we look forward to having the moto riders resume business. We are grateful that Airtel has sped up this partnership and it has come at an opportune time when the safety of the riders is our key concern. The improved Airtel Money payment will result in further unlocking of the digital payment potentials of our members.”

To pay for their rides, customers will simply dial *544# and follow the prompts


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