ONE ACRE FUND-TUBURA contributes Rwf1.6 billion to fight against covid-19

By Staff reporter

One Acre Fund-TUBURA will be distributing about 2.3 million bars of soap worth 1.6 billion Rwandan francs to over 2 million families across Rwanda.

The distribution of the soap will also be accompanied by health training on how to keep safe and not contract COVID-19.

Rwanda is facing a new threat in the form of the global spread of COVID-19. There are about 284 confirmed cases in the country and 140 cases already recovered.

One Acre Fund-TUBURA lauds the excellent measures that have been implemented by the government of Rwanda to curb the spread of the disease, which has resulted in slowing the rate of transmission.

Tubura is supporting the efforts by the government in fighting the spread of the virus.

In response to the call by His Excellency, President Paul Kagame, for all Rwandans to rally together during these challenging times, One Acre Fund-TUBURA staff have been making cash contributions to a charity kitty in support of fellow Rwandans.

 In total, the staff contributed Rwf15 million, an amount that has been matched by One Acre Fund-TUBURA, making a total of Rwf30 million.

 These resources will be used to purchase food stuffs directly from farmers to be distributed to vulnerable families.

 One Acre Fund-TUBURA has a responsibility to the country to ensure that Rwanda’s hardworking farmers are able to continue producing the food that feeds the nation.

The public health officials and supporting government ministries need food to make plans to keep citizens aware and safe.

The sanitation workers, grocery and pharmacy providers, delivery workers, childcare providers, the list goes on and on.

 Farmers have a critical role to play in keeping the nation moving, always and especially at this critical time. 

 In addition to the soaps which Tubura will be giving to Rwandan families from 1987 cells of 27 rural districts, One Acre Fund-TUBURA has will continue to support farmers with providing accurate information and training about COVID-19 and the preventative measures farmers must take in their homes and communities. 

 The soaps will be delivered to the cell offices.

In cells where One Acre Fund-TUBURA has a core program field officer stationed, the soaps will be delivered to the field officer.

 The field officers can distribute the soaps to One Acre Fund-TUBURA clients throughout the day on regular field visits in farmers’ fields.

For the cells where One Acre Fund-TUBURA does not have a core program field officer, all soaps will be delivered to the government sector executive to distribute while abiding by the safety guidelines provided by the government of Rwanda. 

 “At One Acre Fund, we are thankful for the government’s swift and effective response to COVID19.  Personally, I think Rwanda is the safest place in the world to be right now.  We’ve also been inspired by the collective compassion of so many companies and organizations who have made generous donations to the shared fight against coronavirus.

 At One Acre Fund, we believe farmers are the most important members of our communities because they grow the food that all of us eat.  Thus, in collaboration with MINAGRI and MINALOC we are working hard to make sure all farmers in Rwanda have the information and soap they need to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Safe Farmers = Food Security.”-Eric Pohlman, One Acre Fund-TUBURA Country Director. 

 Founded in 2007 in Rwanda, One Acre Fund-TUBURA is an agricultural development organization serving 465,000 farm families from 27 districts.

 The organization trains farmers on the latest agricultural practices, and how to sell harvest surplus.

 It also offers other products on credit, like solar lights, which improves the quality of life. 

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