1. Introduction

Rwanda Religious Leaders Initiative (RRLI) the first ecumenical organization and an apex of religions and churches legally registered in Rwanda. It subscribes tothe fight against Gender Based Violence, upholding the gender equality principals in the religious spheres and the mobilization of religious leaders to the campaign of supporting government of Rwanda efforts to ascertain gender equity and equality in Rwanda.

RRLI in collaboration with UN Women wishes to formally contribute and supplement to various efforts of the Government of Rwanda, development partners, civil society organizations and the private sector, by organizing campaigns to fight the Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in churches and religious communities. The RRLI wishes to use the opportunity and influence of the churches and religions to convey strong messages to fightSexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in churches and religions. This will help to reach out to many people and especially to communities that are rigid to change based on faith and doctrineprincipals which are sometimes resistant to reproductive health education and changing dynamics associated with the current digital times.

Religions and churches differs when it comes to how they package messages especially on issues related to sexual reproductive health including Sexual and Gender Based Violence. It is important to have harmonized guideline that will help religions and churches to tackle issues of fighting SGBV and GBV without affecting individual church beliefs and doctrine.

RRLI wishes to hire a competent consultant to produce a harmonized handbook guideline which will help religious leaders to convey similar message on the SGBV. The handbook should be neutral and good enough to involve all churches and religions in the fight of Sexual Gender Based violence. It will be developed in a user friendly manner to ease information consumption by religious communities.

  1. Main objective of the assignment: to produce a harmonized handbook guideline which will help religious leaders to convey similar message on the SGBV.
  2. Specific Objectives:
  3. Produce a comprehensible harmonized handbook informed by data collected from all church and religious leaders
  4. Identify the different communication techniques to be used by churches and religions in delivering the message
  5. Identify strategies that provides various ways of running the campaign against SGBV involving all churches and religions.
  6. Scope of work:

This Handbook should be used across all churches and religions in Rwanda to guide the fight against SGBV. It should provide guidance on the common messages to be communicated while mobilizing different religious communities. It should remain relevant as the different churches and religions mobilize their followers and build their integrity against SGBV. It is therefore critical that it is able to guide church and religious leaders on the strategies and communication techniques to be used while fighting against SGBV.

  1. Approach

The consultant is expected to work directly under supervision and technical oversight of the Executive Secretary of RRLI. Sampled church and religious leaders shall be consulted, but there should be a clear indication that the sample is representative of at least 50% of all churches and religions and involve all members of RRLI.

  1. Expected Deliverables
  • The draft document of harmonized handbook
  • Second and final draft document integrating the inputs provided by the church and religious leaders
  • Finalized document presented to RRLI both in soft and hard copies
  1. Assignment duration and management arrangements

It is estimated that the handbook will take 30 days from the day of signing the contract to develop and finalise.

  1. Qualifications and Experience

Consultants will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  1. University advanced degree in social sciences
  2. 5 years of professional experience in developing different documents related to accounting and finance social behavior change
  3. Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda with excellent writing, analytical and communication skills.
  1. Application process:

Interested candidates that meet the required criteria shall submit the technical and financial offers in different envelopes addressed to the Executive Secretary, Rwanda Religious Leaders Initiative, which is located in Remera, main road coming from Kigali international airport , building closer to duhange Plot  and opposite to ituze plaza .

Envelops clearly marked “CONSULTANCY TO PRODUCE A HARMONIZED HANDBOOK GUIDELINE” should be submitted to RRLI secretariat offices not later than 10thMay 2020 at 4:00 P.M. Financial proposal should be sealed in separate envelop.  The technical proposals will be evaluated first and candidates who pass the technical stage shall be the only ones eligible for financial evaluation. Only selected candidate will be notified.

For any other contact, kindly email us on rrlfrwanda@gmail.com or call 0782233653

Done at Kigali on 1st  May 2020


Executive Director (RRLI)




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