Lack of animal rights skills blamed for disrupting animal health

An animal does not talk, it is a creature that needs human support. (Google photo)

Rwanda Veterinary Doctors and Technicians have raised the concern of poor Animal Health as a result of lack of enough skills in terms of Animal Rights.

During a consultative meeting organized by Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors (RCVD) on Animal Welfare which was held in Kigali last week, Dr. Jean Claude Masengesho, a Vet Doctor in New Vision Hospital highlighted five basic animal rights that should be respected.

He pointed out that an animal has right to be fed, to drink, to have proper hygiene, to not be beaten and right to health.

“We promote animal health, animal healthcare is the right any domestic animal deserves, in this meeting, and we are looking on what must be done to cater for animal health.” He said.

Animals need to eat, to drink and enjoy their rights as human beings.

Dr. Masengesho noted that lack of enough skills on basic animal rights is a challenge in fast tracking the promotion of Animal Health. “as the human beings, animal also need to eat, to drink, to have proper hygiene, to be treated well once it falls sick and it is not meant to be beaten. Farmers and veterinary doctors need to cater for all the five basic animal rights for the development and good health of the nation. There is a need for training for both vet doctors and technicians to know how to handle domestic animals,” he said.

He called up on veterinary doctors to approach farmers on the field and asked for government intervention as the watchdog to establish the law on animal healthcare.

“Farmers should re-embrace our culture and remember that an animal does not talk, it is a creature that needs human support and we have to be responsible of it to ensure its welfare and respect the five freedoms of animal so that we get good animal productivity.” Masengesho added.

Dr Alphonse Nshimiyimana, Executive Secretary of RCVD said that many veterinary doctors do not understand the concept of animal health and freedom. He tasked them to take the lead in promoting animal health.

Dr Alphonse Nshimiyimana (2nd, R-L) with other stakeholders discussing on animal welfare

He said that other countries have specific laws on animal health and freedom, which is not catered for in Rwanda as even the current ministerial order lacks many inputs on this subject.

However, he said that they expect results in handling the issue in partnership with different stakeholders including the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), RDDP Project and more.

“In order to promote animal health and freedoms, we need to join effort with veterinary doctors who practice insemination, Universities who teach veterinary professionals, Butcheries, other partners like Non-Government organizations.” Nshimiyimana said. 

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