Rwandans to benefit from a new super-fast fibre broadband internet

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwandans will start benefiting from a new super-fast fibre broadband ‘Liquid Home’ internet connectivity with affordable prices.

This internet is provided by Liquid Telecom, a leading communications solutions provider that operates across 13 countries primarily in Eastern, Southern and South Africa.

Speaking during a press conference in Kigali on February 26, 2020, Sam Nkusi, the Chairman of Liquid Telecom said that the new broadband internet looks on bridging the digital divide where customers will get affordable internet with unlimited broadband.

The press conference was part of the launch of Liquid Home to coincide with the company’s re-brand of its retail arm from Hai to Liquid Home. 

Sam Nkusi, the Chairman of Liquid Telecom briefing the media about the Liquid Home broadband.

Nkusi said that by connecting the homes, they do not target the have or the have not.

“We are bridging digital divide as part of our corporate social responsibility; we need every citizen of Rwanda to afford and use this internet to advance development. We ensure its affordability, high speed and unlimited internet.” He said.

Apart from home connectivity, other services that include Artificial Intelligence, financial services, schools and hospitals will be connected.

“We are in every home, shop, and everywhere, we do not compete with other Internet providers but we collaborate and support them to lower the prices,” Nkusi said.

“With Liquid Home, users get unlimited high-speed internet, significant price reductions and free installation across all of our packages. This includes feature-rich options for the most demanding consumers. By making it easy for more homes to connect to the fastest and most reliable broadband network, Liquid Telecom has set new benchmark for affordable internet connectivity aligned to the Government’s digital agenda.” Said Alexis Kabeja, the Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Telecom. 

Alexis Kabeja, the Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Telecom. 

He added that with this Liquid Home Broadband, the minimum price for home connectivity was reduced from Rwf50,000 to Rwf27,000.

To bring the connection around the homes, Liquid Telecom does not charge any fees for installation, the home starts to pay a monthly Rwf27,000 as they chose to use this internet.

With Liquid Home, people living in selected residential areas across the city of Kigali will benefit from:

  • Affordable 24/7 internet connectivity across Liquid Telecom’s award-winning fibre network
  • Unlimited data across all packages with free fibre installation
  • A choice of download speeds of up to 150 Mbps

    Journalists from various local media houses following the explanations of how the Liquid Home broadband network will work
  • Crystal clear voice calling on Liquid Telecom’s fibre infrastructure seamlessly linking with other networks
  • Flexible online payment options with prices starting from just 27,999 Rwf a month
  • High quality of service with a dedicated online portal and local cuatomer support team
  • For the first time in Rwanda, consumers will have access to flexible and affordable plans as follows:
Liquid Home Package Mbps Rwf per Month
Power Pack 150 199,999
Modern Family 80 113,999
Family Entertainment 25 69,999
Basic Essentials 5 27,999

Rwanda is one of the fastest-growing African countries in ICT with more citizens that are using internet. According to the 2016 figures of Internet Live Stats ( Rwanda had 1,478,216  internet users that is approximately coincide to 12.4 %  of the total population (11,882,766) by then.

Residential areas connected on Liquid Fibre to the Home Network





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Elias Hakizimana

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