Youth profiting from ‘Rwanda NOOK Hub’ by self-learning, promised project fund


Young people who are being trained at ‘Rwanda Nook Hub’ acclaim that they have gained talent-based skills through self-learning methodology applied by the center, as they are promised to get fund for their aftermath projects.

Saphina Iraguha, is one of the young people benefiting from the center which was founded by Dream Village organization in partnership with Project DEFY. She expressively highlights the progress made since her arrival and recommends for support.

“I came here because I wanted to learn how to cook in a special way different from how I had been used to doing it at home. I since then started learning by internet-connected computers. In that way, I and my colleagues could request for related lessons and receive through email and it was done regularly until now we can make cakes that are different from the usual ones found around in Kigali,” she said.

“We still lack an advanced cake cooker to perform at our best and It may reduce unemployment among young people like me. So, if we get enough equipments for making cakes, we promise not to disappoint,” she added.

In an interview with amid Rwanda Nook Hub’s progression, Nooliet Kabanyana, Executive Secretary of Rwanda NGO Forum on AIDS and Health Promotion praised the progress of Dream Village and promised the youth to benefit more from BDF partnership.

“Dream village has been working very well especially through this center ‘Rwanda Nook Hub’ which is guiding young people in understanding their niche, the talents they do have. So, Dream Village is upholding their talents,” she said.

“For example, it has brought in BDF to fund their projects; like the ones that are making cakes and welding, they will benefit from the funding and develop their project which will give them money to sustain their wellbeing,” she added.


Youth applied Electronics and how to transform acquired skills into physical jobs

Rwanda Business Development Fund (BDF) promised the youth at the center to get fund for their aftermath projects, as assured by Eric Iradukunda, Investment Analyst at BDF Kicukiro branch who said that the fund is available as long as the projects are clear.

“We require cooperatives of such youth with clear projects not to exceed Rwf 5 million demand. Half of that money will be a donation, and the other half of the amount will be the loan. The process states that we (BDF) purchase the full needed equipment for them so that they may attain their dreams.”

The center, ‘Rwanda Nook Hub’, inaugurated on August 15, 2019 by Dream Village organization at Gahanga Sector, Kicukiro District has attracted over 300 young people all learning by themselves with various facilities including internet-connected laptop computers, technical tools to help in construction, carpentry, painting, tailoring, welding organic gardening to help them implement agricultural skills –planting fruits and herbal medicines.

Some achievements by beneficiaries:

Welding is a noble job they say will help them fight unemployment
Some of them applied Painting and welding at the same time
The NOOK Hub Centre promotes inclusive learning and employment.

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