Nyamasheke farmers to get new coffee seedlings to renovate their plantation

By Elias Hakizimana.

Different coffee farmers from Nyamasheke District will soon get new coffee seedlings to replace their plantation that has over 40 years, thanks to the efforts by the district in partnership with C.Dormans Rwanda LTD.

The initiative is in line with recognizing the efforts of farmers who currently work with C.Dormans company.

Some farmers say that their coffee plantations are no longer productive due to old coffee tress and they call for support to replace them with new seedlings so that they can increase the produce.

Jean Hakizimana, a farmer from Macuba Sector says that he cannot find the quantity he used to harvest before 30 years ago because all his plantation is old.

“We have many coffee trees that need to be replaced by new ones, we request to have a support of new seedlings. Myself, I have a plantation which is an heritage from my parents and it has over 30 years, the plantation is no longer productive as before; I use to harvest 15 tons but I think this can be doubled as I plant new seedlings,” he said.

 “I have 250 coffee trees and I use to harvest 3 tons, some of the trees are 25 years old and they give poor quality green coffees, which are not appreciated at the market,” said Esperance Minani, another farmer.

Different coffee farmers from Nyamasheke District with the district’s officials and others from C.Dormans Rwanda LTD during a conversation to find a solution to old coffee trees./(Courtesy photo).

Jean Bosco Seminega, Chief Executive Officer of C.Dormans Rwanda LTD said that they have a plan to set up a special land to help farmers with old coffee trees to get the seedlings to replace their plantations.

 “That is an issue of concern and it is true that the production of coffee is reducing tremendously because many trees are old; and it is still a challenge for farmers to understand that ld coffee trees must be replaced, but it is a must. We call up on farmers to renovate the plantation by using a simple manner and which cannot reduce the produce. We are also going to set a space for a tree nursery to facilitate farmers to get the seedlings,” Seminega said.

Albert Sengambi, an official in charge of Agriculture and Livestock in Nyamasheke district said that they will partner with Coffee factories to donate 120,000 coffee seedlings to farmers.

 “We encourage farmers to replace old coffee trees because they are no longer productive, we also collaborate with coffee factories and we tell them to prepare seedlings to give to farmers in their working zones. This year we planted 50,000 seedlings and we plan to plant 120,000 more in the first season of 2021,” he said.

Nyamasheke District is the leading district in having many coffee trees as of now they have 12 million coffee trees. The district managed to harvest 18,600 tons of green coffee last year.


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