Meet Pastor Lenny Levy, American Pastor helping Rwandans build inclusive economy

By Elias Hakizimana.

Pastor Lenny Levy is an American based-pastor and Director of His Life Ministries International that preaches the word of God and engages in supporting needy communities to build an inclusive economy through project funding.

Pastor Lenny is in Rwanda for one month to worship and visit various activities he supported so far including humanitarian projects, where they bought goats, cows, repairing houses for people, school materials for children, health facilities among others.

He achieved these projects through a local religious-based organization dubbed ‘Comfort My People’ led by Pastor Willy in Rwanda. 

Pastor Lenny Levy with Pastor Willy

“One of the things that my pastor did is to help identify needy people so that I can help the, we bought baby clothes and blankets and we pray for mothers and babies in hospitals, I raise money from different projects in America and I have people who give money to support what I am doing,” he said. 

“I was here to learn and observe from my pastor willy, what he is doing, and there was much poverty after the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi, God Pushed my heart to come in this country to help and each time I come I raise money to help and support more projects, sometimes I pray to know what needs we should focus on, one of the things I am working on is to support more projects, helping others to prosper economically and it is a passion in my heart is to put the business in every church, we can make businesses around them, put the core congregation to work and make people become self-sufficient.” he added.

Pastor Lenny Levy greeting his fellow Pastor Willy

He said that teaching them about raising supernatural finances is better so that they get out poverty. Pastor Lenny believes that in every church God reaches one person who has a unique skill.

He said that when that person is identified he/she can be helped to make a project and teach other people to work together. “They can teach people the skill that they have, may be bakery, so we can teach people how they can open up a bakery, if we can find people who know how to cut hair, the nails, beauty such as pedicure, Manicure,…we can teach this to women how to open up a saloon and then they become self-sufficient.” Said pastor Lenny.

He believes that people need help because of the genocide they have so much poverty and so much pain, he said that to help them recover, he tries to teach the love of Jesus Christ that God loves them and cares about them. He said that God is interesting in people’s lives and wants to change people’s lives, and that he wants to first hear from people’s hearts to heal the pain.

“And then he wants to help us to become productive and he interested in helping people, that is part of what I am doing here to encourage pastors and leaders to look for ways we can build education to people and give them jobs. We need to educate people and help them be self-sufficient.” He said.

Pastor Lenny Levy during the interview with the media at his 6th time in Rwanda.

Lenny’s family stays in America Colorado, he is 71-year-old with six children and four gland children. He said he always thinks about supporting the country of Rwanda that experienced hurdles of the Genocide against the Tutsi, leaving many survivors with poverty, moral and physical scars. 

“I know that many people here in Rwanda are Genocide survivors and what we need to do is to help them come from survival mentality into Child of God mentality; and God wants to pull them from the victim mentality, and so, preaching the Gospel,” Lenny noted.  


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Elias Hakizimana

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