The Message of Rev. Dr Ock Soo Park to Rwandan Youth emphasized on Mind Education

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rev. Dr Ock Soo Park, Founder of Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF), Good News Mission and International Youth Fellowship (IYF) urged Rwandan youth to balance their ideas before any activity they want to implement.

Rev Dr Park embarked on this on Saturday January 18, 2020 in Kigali and noted that Mind Education is a key to the future of youth worldwide.

He reiterated that balanced and well organised ideas help youth to avoid temptations while acting or implementing their projects.

Rev Dr Park was with his team of Gracias Choir who helped him to deliver the message of the will of God with exact biblican discretion, which is under the CLF purpose. He noted that all African Presidents think about youth and strive for their well-being.

Youth make a big part of the population in many copuntries. In Rwanda, they make 70 percent of the overall population.

REV Dr Park said that when this part of population fails to meet financial development even delays the development of the country.

“We need to prepare African youth to think, thinking by acting. You know that nowadays the ICT development has prevented us from thinking,” he said.

He said that some of the consequences of the present thinking lead to youth delinquance such as drug abuse, joining the armed forces at their early age as well as other delinqual activities worldwide.

He said that Christian Leaders Fellowship gathering will continue to rise above denominations and to allow a discourse based on the heart of God as expressed precisely in the Bible.

The local congregation who participated at Park’s conference said that youth are exposed to poor mindset of being lured into temptations due to bad groups they sometimes join.

“We know that youth have many problems around them in our communities, but when they try to rethink on what they must do before the real action, they can realise if they must or not do that, they can take the right decision,”Jean Claude Kayiranga, one of youths at the congregation told The Inspirer.

Over 30,000 Rwandans have benefited from IYF lessons since 2001 when Rev Dr Park founded this fellowship programme.

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Elias Hakizimana

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