Farmers look to e-Granary Mobile Platform Registration for accessing some Agricultural Services

By Elias Hakizimana.

In order to help farmers to increase agricultural services, e-Granary project through Imbaraga Farmers Organization have introduced and implemented a farmer registration system in mobile phone to get timely information and other needed services.

The initiative started with detailed explanations to farmers about its rationale and possible impacts in Nyanza District.

Jacques Habarurema, one of the members of DUFATANYUMURIMO Cooperative also the citizen of Busasamana sector in Nyanza district said that since they started working as a cooperative supported by IMBARAGA, they gained a hope of profit increase as they welcome e-Granary farmer registration system.

He said that Imbaraga farmers’ organization trained them and helped them to form a cooperative as they were before working into small associations. He said that e-Granary is a grant opportunity that helps them to access to market linkage, agriculture extension and access to loans.

He noted that it also increases the yield in quantity and quality comparing to the past.

Habarurema said that farmers could before struggle to request a loan where farmers could wait and spend five months without any positive feedback. He gives an example of one of the microfinance institutions that denied her a loan the time when they wanted to grow maize.

e-Granary comes to increase interventions by helping farmers get timely information to get loans from Banks and Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).

He plans to increase the area of production especially in maize and beans from 1 to 1 ½ hectares.

Cloturde TUYAMBAZE, the mother of three from Busasamana sector is also farmer and cooperative member. She said that she is happy for the e-Granary Mobile Farmer registration, expecting more benefits in accessing agricultural services.

                                                                                   Cloturde TUYAMBAZE

Tuyambaze is now ready to register after being convinced on the impacts the system has to farmers.

Daniel Kabirigi, the farmer and enumerator who helps his colleagues to register in Mobile phones to enjoy the benefits of the application said that this technology is crucial.

Vincent Nsanzimana, president of DUFATANYUMURIMO Cooperative said that Imbaraga farmers’ organization started to support them since 2010 when they got the legal personality.

He said that the organization helped them to turn their associations into a cooperative.

He said that since they knew e-Granary project in 2019, they got mobilized to register for this technology that uses mobile phone so as to improve the produce and get loans as well as markets.

Since three months ago, farmers started registering and every farmer who has a mobile phone is allowed.

“This technology enables a farmer to access many interventions such as buying agriculture inputs, access to loans without making much circulations to the banks or designing projects; thus you can do it via mobile phone at home or elsewhere at work. This system can reduce time waste and keep a farmer updated on any information regarding his/her agricultural services.” He said.

According to Joseph Gafaranga, Executive Secretary of IMBARAGA, e-Granary is a good tool to boost the profit of smallholder farmers by linking them with potential buyers without the implication of middle men when it comes to selling and buying agriculture produce.

Joseph Gafaranga, Executive Secretary of IMBARAGA

“It was revealed that potential traders and buyers who buy the produce at a good price lack information about where they can find the produce, they use many workers and make unnecessary traffics to collect the yields regardless of no matter quality they are, these are kinds of losses and unnecessary expenses e-Granary has come to tackle both sides need to know each other to tackle those challenges,” Gafaranga noted.

He explained that e-Granary Mobile Platform registration consists of basic elements such as names of a farmer and telephone number, his/her location as well as expected yield in quality and crop species.



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Elias Hakizimana

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