Justice sector to acquire possible mechanisms for dispute resolution 

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Different organs in the justice sector are eager to renovate all possible practical mechanisms for dispute resolution without involving legal affairs in order to abase consequences resulting from law courts decisions in the society

The initiative was discussed yesterday in Kigali, through authentic dispute resolution (ADR) core coordinated by the institute of legal practice and development (ILPD), whereby mediation and reconciliation were key factors in addressing the issue

Dr. Didace Kabera Muganga, ILPD coordinator heading the group of people doing research on Authentic dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms evoked the outline of the plan which was initially required by the Ministry of Justice.

“As nowadays courts of laws are overused; consequences in the society after crime are dangerous being neighbors or family members. Imagine a father and his child being separated by courts even when their dispute should be resolved by themselves and remain relatively undetached” He said

“A cow might ruin a neighbor’s farm, that shall not need courts. We are looking at how any dispute; crime won’t need to be led into court or investigated by RIB. There are crimes which need mediation within local community in the society.” He added

Muganga continued: “The most important thing is that we observed how it is done in other countries, and even in Rwanda it is applied by civil society organizations, individuals, even RIB can do it but what we advocate for is harmony in its feasibility”

According to Theoneste Harelimana, project manager at Great Lakes Initiative for Human Rights and development (GLID) acknowledged support to the policy

“We are here to support this government policy which aims at resolving dispute by citizens themselves. As we consider it, the initiative is to establish monitoring for the attainability of it, because it initially was practical in a way or another. The mostly needed thing is guideline to the initiative” He stated

“Our contribution is going hand in hand with the policy in helping the Rwandan society gel for the initiative” He avowed

Nooliet Kabanyana, Executive Secretary of Rwanda NGO Forum on HIV & HD, acclaimed the initiative and called on different partners in the sector to take part

“It is a good process. Every one of us is striving for the wellbeing of the citizens. I want all of us to be ambassadors of the initiative in the community. I am happy that the plan is going well. The implementation should include different partners. I thank the government for the impression” She said

The mechanisms renovation considers familial disputes, neighborhood-based disputes, business disputes, employment dispute among others.

The meeting recommended for guidance, training for the mediators, monitoring by the government in order to help end users benefit more from the policy, laws amendments and establishing empowerment body

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