Teachers plaise ‘Nzigamira Nige’, a new school fees saving account

Teachers across the country give testimonies of how a new school fees saving account is giving a promise to the future of their children’s education.

Bertilde Mukangenera, a teacher at G.S Kimironko-2 testifies the role of ‘Nzigamira Nige’/ save for education, noting that it is a good initiative by Umwalimu SACCO cooperative to motivate teachers’ savings for the future of their children’s education.

“Nzigamira Nige Account is a good initiative by Umwalimu Sacco to enable us saving our children’s school fees, you know that teacher’s salary is not enough, so, the account is to help us plan for the better future of our children’s education. I gained a lot in using this account comparing to the past situation, I used to ask myself how my children will grow up and study while still surviving on teacher’s small salary but now everything is going on. Apart from the salary, I try to save any income on my Nzigamira Nige account.” Mukangenera says.

Martin Rurangirwa, a teacher at La Colombière Primary School in Kigali says that he knew Nzigamira Nige when he came at Umwalimu SACCO Cooperative for his current saving on his cooperative account as a member, he got an advice from a staff there to start saving his money on Nzigamira Nige account. He says himself saw how the account is important and decided to open and get it in use for life and for children’s school fees.

Martin Rurangirwa, a teacher at La Colombière Primary School in Kigali

“The time I knew Nzigamira Nige is when I came here at Umwalimu SACCO cooperative to save money on my current account, I used to save on it for school fees purpose and the manager advised me to open and save on Nzigamira Nige, which is more important than current account when it comes to school fees. I took a decision then and I am no longer having such challenges.” He said.

Solina Nyirantambara, a teacher at Gashangiro 2 Primary School in Musanze District opened this account, she calls up on other teachers who are members of Umwalimu SACCO to open and save on Nzigamira Nige account as it is secure and very promising.

“They always say our salary is low and it is true, but I encourage my colleagues to save on Nzigamira Nige account from any amount of money, and this is very important because the cooperatives keeps on giving you interests, so, I call up on teachers to open and save on it because it is secure than Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs) or saving groups locally knowk as ‘IBIBINA’ and the government is there for security matters.” Nyirantambara notes. 

Saving for school fees is the best choice for the brighter future of children

Jean Marie Vianney Mbonigaba, also teaches at Gashangiro2 in Musanze, he encourages his fellow teachers to open and save on this account to enjoy plenty of benefits it holds for a member of Umwalimu SACCO cooperative.

“Let me call up on my fellow teachers to open this account as it has more benefits as I told you, it keeps giving you monthly interests than when they save money in VSLAs.”

Pierre Damien Musabyimana, a teacher at Groupe Scolaire Shyogwe in Muhanga District says that Nzigamira Nige aims at enabling parents especially teachers whose salary is still not enough, to save for their children’s education when they reach University; and helps to avoid any financial barrier due to saving ignorance.  

“Nzigamira Nige looks on enabling parents especially we, teachers whose salaries are not enough, to save for our children’s education. It is possible that today a child is in primary or secondary school and the saving on this account will help you to pay for his/her school fees at University. You can start saving little money per month to avoid any barrier that can happen later.” He says.












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