WDA Meets Countrywide Sector Education Officers to boost TVET Quality Inspection  

From 26th to 29th November 2019, The Workforce Development Authority is training all Sector Education Officers country wide in order to raise their knowledge and awareness about TVET Quality Standards, Quality assurance and School Accreditation.

The objectives of the training is to guide the sector education officers on how to effectively conduct inspection of training activities in TVET Schools.

They are being enlightened on TVET quality standards, Quality Assurance and TVET school accreditation in TVET institutions.

WDA is also sharing and disseminating all TVET Quality Assurance, Quality standards and Accreditation tools to all SEOs in order to help them efficiently perform their duties.

The participants (SEOs) are trained on WDA mandate, law establishing WDA, Key terminologies used in TVET delivery.

They are also briefed on institutional collaboration framework in the management of TVET whereby they get to know the role of WDA, RP, DISTRICTS and DPs in TVET.

After the training , they will have  known about TVET Qualification Framework and National Education Qualification Framework which include RTQF descriptors, level entry requirements and exit Awards.

The education officers will have also known much about Competency Based Training and Competency Based Assessment, TVET Pedagogical Documents Verification, portfolio management, training and assessment tools and TVET Quality Management System (Input, process, output and their quality indicators).

They are again supposed to know about TVET Accreditation which include TVET accreditation types, procedures and requirements as well as their roles in school accreditation.

Speaking to Sector Education Officers in Northern Province, Amon Kwesiga, the Ag.Director of TIS quality unit at WDA said: “we are training 416 Sector Education Officers across the country. The training aims to implement our mandate as WDA where we have to assess quality education in TVET schools, new schools and programmes and set quality standards.”

He said that an audit in 2017/2018 and 2019 indicated that Sector Education Officers have no enough knowledge about TVET schools.

“That is why this training will build their capacity in terms of knowledge and inspection to help improve quality education in these TVET schools,” he said.

The Sector Education Officers who were trained testified that they are gaining a lot of skills from the training saying that this will improve quality education in TVET schools.

Cecile Ntakirutimana, the Education Officer in Kinigi sector in Musanze district said: “we have been facing different challenges due to lack of knowledge about the functionality of TVET schools and the way for developing them. We were not aware of standards required to set up TVET schools, which skills teachers from those schools should have among others. But we are gaining such knowledge thanks to the training.”

Jean Claude Byukusenge, another Education Officer in Kivuruga of Gakenke district said: “we have been doing what we do not know well but this training is an answer. We will be able to distinguish the difference between WDA and Rwanda Polytechnic. We used to face issues but would not be able to  solve them despite being our responsibilities. The training will help us understand how TVET schools work.”


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