Married men are blamed of increased unwanted pregnancies among teenagers

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Married men are blamed to continue increasing unwanted pregnancies among teenage girls. It was revealed that the number of unwanted pregnancies among took a high climax between 2016 and 2019.

Officials have said that men are the leading cause of this problem. On the other hand, they warned todays’ young girls on negative behaviors which can incite men to have sex with them.

The recent survey by RWAMREC and the Ministry of Gender proved that the number of unwanted pregnancies was 17,849 in 2016 and reduced a bit to 17,337 in 2017 and to 19,832 in 2018 while this reduced to 15,596 from January to August 2019 but this is expected to rise to over 22,000.

The big cause of this issue those married men who no longer have the culture and they can’t be afraid to sleep with young ladies. Even though todays’ behaviors of young girls is a matter.

Evariste Murwanashyaka the programs manager and child rights focal person at CLADHO said that men who rape children and inpregnant teenagers must be severely punished.

He was speaking during the celebration of Men’s day in Kigali on November 19, 2019.

“Although we are celebrating Men’s Day, we do not have to consider it as a happy day because it is celebrated while the number of unwanted pregnancies is on the rise due to mature men.” Murwanashyaka said.

He called on the community to report any man who is found raping a young girl and a man who is found with a girl who is not his daughter.

Minister of Gender and Family Promotion Amb. Solina Nyirahabimana reminded all Rwandans that it is everyone’s role to protect the future of young girls.

She reminded people that the Government of Rwanda wants all families to live in peace and without child defilement with the continuous fight of any kind violence committed against children.

On twitter account of Hon. Minister of Justice Johnston Busingye recently, he reminded men to respect young ladies and protect them instead of committing adultery. 


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