100 years’ anniversary: Save the Children pledges to foster advocacy on Child Rights

By Elias Hakizimana.

Save the Children Rwanda joins the World to celebrate 100 years of its existence and activities across the globe and 25 years working in Rwanda. The celebration embarked on the progress of children rights implementation and existing challenges to fully realize these rights.

Marcel Sibomana, the Programme Manager and Child Rights Governance at Save the Children Rwanda explained the rationale of this anniversary.

“We are reminding children and our partners that save the children have been running its activity since 100 years ago in more than 120 countries worldwide, and it is a very great achievement we are celebrating. We are specifically embarking on 30 years of ratification of UN Convention on Child Rights and Rwanda is among the nations that signed it.” Sibomana said.

Marcel Sibomana, the Programme Manager and Child Rights Governance at Save the Children Rwanda. (Courtesy photo)

He said that the ratification of this convention paved a way to children to enjoy their rights and contribute to the developmental initiatives that are established for them.

“As save the children, this celebration is not taken for granted, rather, it reminds us on the way forward to boost partnership with the government of Rwanda in order to continue promoting child rights. We have 25 years working in Rwanda after the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994. One of the big activities achieved is to link children with the families. The second one is building good collaboration with the government to establish policies in education, health, fighting against child violence as well as many other domains.” Sibomana noted.

He said that proper education is one of the initiatives which they need to improve on in the future. He said that one big problem they will continue advocating for is child defilement; and he said it will be addresses in partnership with local government authorities and friends of a family.  

Kanyamanza Uwera, Executive Secretary of National Children Commission (NCC) urged children to avoid whoever can try to defile them or commit any other violence against them.

Children were participating in the Save the Children’s celebration gathering after coming from the 13th Children Summit that took place in parliament. They later enjoyed various entertainments including theatres and songs with educational messages.

The Vice Secretary General of Rwanda Investigation Board (RIB) Isabelle Karihangabo told children that men who defile children are ‘wolves’ and told them to call Toll Free Numbers 3512 and 3029 whenever they meet with a wolf.

Hon Donatille Mukabalisa, The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies in Rwanda Parliament said that the country will not tolerate criminals who commit child defilement, noting that they will always be punished following the law previsions.



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