How free online courses helped Rwandans to create own Businesses

By The Inspirer writer.

  • Everyone can acquire these courses and among graduates one is a lecturer at University
  • The courses are delivered in partnership with DEAfrica and University of Virginia.

Free Online course Scholarships are offered in partnership with Distance Education for Africa (DEAfrica) and University of Virginia. Some of the graduates said that the courses enabled them to create own companies and are employing others.

Some graduates from Rwanda and Burundi who received their certificates last week said that the initiative is very important for African Youths who struggle with jobless conditions.

Winniefred Mulungi who currently has the Master’s Degree in Project Management has graduated under this initiative in Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management in partnership with University of Virginia. She said that the courses helped her to gain high level skills in project design and management.

Winniefred Mulungi 

“I can do monitoring, accountability of incomes and outcomes” She said.

Mulungi advises other graduates from secondary and University schools to follow these courses and try their opportunities.

« The initiative is very helpful, it is free and it serves the public good in developing African youths, » she said.

Amedee Nkengurutse, another student who studied Public Health in secondary school said that the free online courses complemented his skills and knowledge and is ready to start own business.

He said that the program dubbed ‘Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management and Design Thinking for Innovation’ enabled him to start implementing his project that has been in mind for a long time.

Winniefred Mulungi smiles as she received her certificate

He created an association dubbed ‘CRFAD-Burundi’, the association trains residents in project design.

« We started giving trainings on project management, many interested people from various areas come and learn and then after get certificates and it is easy for them to get jobs, »

Dr Aloys Ruzibiza is currently a lecturer at University has graduated under this initiative in the program of Design Thinking for Innovation. He said the acquired knowldge added value to what he learnt in Education.

« we always need to gain skills. I wanted to get knowledge on Design Thinking for Innovation to be able to deliver high level knowledge to my students. » he said.

High level skills benefit is an opportunity for Africans

Traore Sidiki, Director of Distance Education for Africa that trains students online said that the initiative is friendly with students who currently have other assignments/jobs because many people do not get a time to go to school.

He said that the courses focus on the community needs especially in business.

He said that this program is in 37 African countries and around 5,000 people have gained its skills.

He said that they are looking for more supports to be able to expand the program in other African Countries as the main challenge remains lack of financial capacity.

From November until December 2019, the program will train people on Understanding Your Data. Students have started registration.   

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