Ngororero: Two Pedestrian Bridges Inaugurated to Support Community Climate Resilience

By The Inspirer reporter. 

The bridges were constructed to support community climate resilience

Two Suspended pedestrian bridges were yesterday inaugurated in Ngororero District to solve rural isolation that has been affecting the community especially during time of heavy rainfall; which prevented residents to access to socio-economic opportunities and development facilities.

The two bridges were constructed in partnership with Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) and Bridges to Prosperity, an international Non-government organization supporting rural infrastructure development in Rwanda.

The inaugurated bridges are namely Rwamamara pedestrian bridge, 58 meters length, connecting Kageyo and Ngororero sectors over Satinsyi River and Kivomo Suspended Bridge of 85.7 meters length connecting Ndaro and Nyange sectors over Secoko River. The two bridges will directly serve almost 8,000 resident beneficiaries in the four mentioned sectors.

The Mayor of Ngororero District, Mr. NDAYAMBAJE Godefroid said that the bridges will solve rural isolation that has been preventing resident communities to access social economic opportunities and development facilities.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Deputy Director General of Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) Mr. Faustin MUNYAZIKWIYE said that supporting the construction of the two bridges is part of community support activities implemented by REMA through the “Landscape Approach to Forest Restoration and Conservation” project (LAFREC) which has been working to restore Gishwati –Mukura landscape while supporting livelihood improvement for communities around Gishwati – Mukura National Park.

“This is a great milestone for sustainable and climate resilience. We’re also so proud that floods will no longer claim lives of innocent people as it has previously been the case” the Deputy Director General added.

The two bridges costed Rwf 98,257,800 co-shared by Rwanda Environment Management Authority and Bridges to Prosperity organization.

REMA and Bridges to Prosperity organization also supported the construction of other five pedestrian bridges in Gishwati – Mukura landscape namely Kazo and Nkunda bridges constructed in Rutsiro district over Sebeya River; as well as Rukore, Minigo and Kazabe bridges constructed in Rubavu district, also constructed over Sebeya River with the cost amounting to Rwf 235,272,440; making the total cost of Rwf 333,530,240 used to the construction of all seven bridges.

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