Hon. Mukabunani applauds for Rwanda’s Democratic Journey

By Elias Hakizimana.

President of PS Imberakuri political party, Christine Mukabunani lauds efforts by the government of Rwanda in building inclusive democracy that allows citizens to express their ideas.

Mukabunani delivered this message on October 6th, 2019 at the new offices of the party in Rusororo Sector, Gasabo District after a voting ceremony of new party’s leaders.

Hon. Mukabunani is also a member of parliament of Rwanda. She said that the good governance of the country has various positive achievements like freedom of people to participate in the country’s activities, developing education sector, and more.

Hon. Christine Mukabunani (c) re-elected the president of the party, on her Left,  Jean René Niyorurema, the vice-president and  Scholastique Nyiramajyambere, the Secretary General  (Photo by Samuel)

Hon Mukabunani was re-elected President of PS Imberakuri for the next five-year mandate. She said that the party will continue to strive for citizen’s welfare and freedom of people to give their ideas.

She said that her advocacy will recall government institutions to implement policies after being communicated to the citizens.

Lack of maize hybrids for farmers in one policy that Hon Mukabunani said was not successful.

“they say Hybrid but it is not available at the markets, farmers do not know where they can find seeds of maize hybrids, so, some policies remain in words and you cannot find them implemented,” she noted.

Hon. Mukabunani was voted for by all 56 members of the party at 100 percent.

The full leadership committee of the party is formed by Hon. Mukabunani, the President of the party, Jean René Niyorurema, the vice-president, Scholastique Nyiramajyambere, the Secretary General, Séraphine Mukamazimpaka, the Accountant and Pierre Célestin Uzarama, the in-charge Youth and Gender.



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Elias Hakizimana

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