USAID-Soma Umenye recognizes high-performing teachers

By Elias Hakizimana.

As the World celebrates the International Teacher’s Day on October 5th, 2019, USAID-Soma Umenye handed over 90 Sumsung Tablets to Rwanda Education Board (REB) to award high-performing teachers.

The hand over ceremony took place on October 2, 2019 at REB’s Headquarters in Kigali.

The initiatives demonstrates USAID’s commitment to investing in and recognizing early grade teachers as the pillar of Rwanda’s education system.

90 Sumsung tablets were handed over to REB

Speaking during the hand over ceremony, Luann Gronhovd, Education Office Director at USAID-Rwanda said that this initiative is to support Rwanda’s priority to further basic education and increase children’s opportunities through knowledging teachers.

“We believe that this initiative will improve education sector, as USAID, since the Government has prioritised basic education. The process of selecting and recognizing these teachers has been an initiative of REB, and we really excited to be behind and to support.”

She said that this will help students to perform well in class as teachers will use the tablets to make further researches and prepare easily their lessons.

Dr. Rene Ndayambaje, the Director General of REB appreciates the awards noting that it is a good initiative to consider teacher’s hard working at sector’s level.

“The tablets will help a teacher to get knowledge from various websites and will manage to prepare lessons easily.”

The International Teacher’s Day is being celebrated in Rwanda since 18 years ago. Last year the Government raised awards to teachers.

This year, 416 teachers from Primary and 416 from secondary will be awarded. REB will award 2 teachers at sector level in this regard in every sector, one of Primary, another from secondary.

60 teachers at district level will be also awarded , 30 from Primary and 30 from secondary schools according to Ndayambaje.

Luann Gronhovd, Education Office Director at USAID-Rwanda with Dr Rene Ndayambaje, Director General of REB during the awards handover ceremony./ Photo by Elias Hakizimana. 

At provincial level and Kigsli city, 5 teachers from Primary and 5 from secondary schools Will be recognized while at national level only two teàchers will receive the awards. The awards will be in different categories according to teacher’s performance rate.

On January 28th, 2019 during the cabinet meeting,  teacher’s salaries has got an increase of 10 percent in a bid to supplement their work.

Ndayambaje said that teachers will be given ranks or grades according to their career performance and the Government has set up this policy. 





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Elias Hakizimana

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