Salvation Army in drive to fight against Ebola

By Inspirer Staff

The Salvation Army, an international movement which is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church has trained opinion leaders in Rubavu district on preventing Ebola disease.

Those living in Nyakiriba sector were told that hygiene embraced through washing hands with soap is a paramount tool in fighting Ebola.

The awareness campaign comes following recent Ebola cases experienced in DRC this year.

The numbers of people who have died in the current Ebola outbreak in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo has reached the 2,000 by 30th August 2019.

The movement offered hygienic materials to Rubavu residents to fight the disease.

Francois Nsengimana, the Project Officer at the Salvation Army in Rwanda and Burundi said that preventing Ebola disease spreading requires hygiene in the community.

“We urge residents to prevent Ebola from spreading simply through embrace hygiene and sanitation,” he said.

Salvation Army provided 576 hygienic materials used for fighting Ebola including hygienic papers, soaps, washing hand facilities among others.

They were provided to six schools, 22 churches, three cells and Nyakiriba health center.

Nsengimana said that besides the training they realized that distributing hygienic materials in public places was so prerequisite in preventing Ebola.

In front of different public places such as restaurants and other public buildings, there are washing hand facilities, water and soaps to be used before entering the places.

The leader of Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) in Rubavu district, Clement Mwongereza told the residents to pay great attention while crossing border to DRC where thousands of Ebola cases have been recorded.

He said that business people who are given permission to cross the border should always wash whenever they come from DRC.

Gracienne Uwimana , the Ag.Headteacher of Ruvuzananga primary school is among those trained at preventing Ebola

She said that after training they are to remind students about tips to follow in preventing Ebola.

“ we live near Rwanda-DRC border. There is a huge traffic of people crossing the border for business. We have to train our students to get accustomed to washing hands, the culture which they will take to their families,” she said.

She added that they will gather neighbors to teach them how to prevent Ebola spreading.

“We will also join them in their homes and teach them on Ebola prevention,” she noted.

Abdouldzak Nzabitondera , the Islam representative in Nykiriba sector said that the lessons they learnt about fighting Ebola will be replicated to other residents including Muslims.

He added that hygienic materials they have obtained will serve to continue mobilizing Muslims to embrace the culture of hygiene and sanitation.

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