Muhanga: Needy Families Get New Lease of Life as Hunger Remains a Big Concern

By Elias Hakizimana.

Some citizens from Muhanga District, Nyamabuye sector who are living under hurdles of hunger resulted from poverty and lack of employment were donated with food commodities and health insurance by a local organization called Be Kind.

The activity took place on September 28, 2019 during Umuganda community work where eleven families have benefited from this initiative.

Eugenie Mukansanga, 34 years of age, is a mother of four. The 12, the 10 and the 8-year-old who are in primary school. She lives in Nyabisindu village, Gitarama cell, Nyamabuye sector, in Muhanga District.

Eugenie’s family have benefited from this initiative. She told The Inspirer that he is currently struggling to feed the children and pay for their school fees as she does not have any occupation.

Her husband abandoned her when she had a pregnancy of the third child and their living conditions became worse.

The mother struggles to find school materials besides thinking on what to feed children as she does not have any occupation. She survives on part time occupations like washing clothes for people.

“We are struggling in poverty life; I can get Rwf700 or Rwf1000 when I wash clothes for someone but I cannot always find such jobs.” Mukansanga noted.

Needy families posing for a group photo with Be Kind youth Foundation after getting supports

Fortunately, Mukansanga and other needy neighbor-families and around were surprised by a local organization called *Be Kind* headed by an Artist and Hip Hop singer Sedrick Djano with supports including food commodities and health insurance/Mituelle De Santé.

“We managed to pay health insurance or Mituelle de Sante for 7 families with their members, we also donated 11 families with food commodities including beans and maize flour/Kawunga. Each family was given 10 kilograms of beans and 10 kilograms of maize flour” Sedrick Djano said.

Under its three year-project, *Be Kind* organization will be building latrines and renovate houses for poor families basing on available capacity. Until now, they are still using their own money and will expand activities and look further ways to support poor communities.

Beyond food commodity support, these good Samaritans renovated latrines and houses for poor families   

Some of these families were given Health Insurance(Mutuelle De Santé)

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Elias Hakizimana

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