Huye: Citizens wish to know what the Museum hosts

By Elias Hakizimana.

Officials at National Museum of Rwanda revealed that 70 percent of visitors are Rwandans but some neighbor citizens in Huye District where the Museum is located say they have curiosity to get in. 

The National Museum of Rwanda is situated in Ngoma Sector in Huye District, Southern Province of Rwanda, on Kigali-Butare road, Kigali-Kanyaru direction. It is visible to Passengers while passing on its boundaries.

Renatha Komezusenge, a citizen from Tumba Sector said that she once entered the premises of the Museum when she was attending a wedding party but she is always curious to get in.

“I really wish to go inside but I think that it is very expensive”.

Some citizens have mindset that prices and requirements to visit the Museum are expensive according to officials in charge of the Museum activities.

Andre Ndabaga, the Director of this Museum said this is a negative mindset to think that it is expensive to visit Museums and other touristic areas as Huye citizens say that only rich people can visit such sites.

“Nothing is here to worry about visiting the Museum, it is not for high income earners only, gradually, we take tangible measures to sensitize Rwandans to visit the Museums,”

He explained that the visiting fees for a child and a student is Rwf 700 and Rwf 500 for a person when they come as a group of 20 people. Adult pays Rwf 1,500.

“once in a year, we have one week to encourage Rwandans to visit Museums for free during seven days”.

The National Museum of Rwanda was established in 1989 and keeps increasing the number of visitors. It welcomes between 3000 to 5000 guests per month and 70 percent of them are Rwandans.

Citizens request local authorities to do advocacy in easing visiting requirements to visit the Museums.

Ange Sebutege, the Mayor of Huye District said that there are currently some categories of people who are given opportunity to visit this Museum and more people will be sensitized to get in.

“Some schools’ institutions and other groups of people use to come for a visit, we hope that more people will be coming under the ongoing sensitization campaigns to encourage everyone to visit and know the history of Rwanda that the Museum hosts,” Sebutege noted.

Apart from The National Museum of Rwanda in Huye District, there are other seven Museums countrywide that host and showcase the history of different activities of Rwandans. These are especially in Gicumbi, Nyanza, Karongi districts and in Kigali city.

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Elias Hakizimana

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