[PHOTOS]: Kigali: Fire safety takes centre stage in after-Umuganda discussions

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jean Baptiste Seminega, the Commanding Officer for FRB.

Fire safety awareness campaign was, this Saturday, extended to residents of Muhima and Gisozi sectors in Nyarugenge and Gasabo districts, respectively, as Rwanda National Police (RNP) continues to educate various categories of people on how to avert fires.

This is part of the ongoing campaign that started in January this year by the RNP Fire and Rescue Brigade (FRB), which has since extended fire safety skills to over 2400 people majority of them in areas that accommodate many people on a day-to-day basis.

This Saturday, residents of the two sectors, who had turned up for the monthly communal work—Umuganda—were given similar theory and basic practical skills on how to prevent and fight fires.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jean Baptiste Seminega, the Commanding Officer for FRB, reminded residents of their role in preventing fire outbreak in their respective homes.

He hinted on human behaviours including reckless handling of cooking gas and electricity as the main cause of fires causing losses to the business community, destroying domestic property and in other cases leading to loss of lives.

Statistics indicate that 56 fires incidents were recorded countrywide between January and July this year, claiming seven lives and injuring two other people. Majority of the incidents occurred in the City of Kigali. At least 72 cases of fire outbreak were recorded in the same period, last year.

“Most of fire disasters are preventable because they are caused by reckless human behaviors like not locking gas cylinder or cooker after use and when you light fire the leaking gas sets the house ablaze,” ACP Seminega said.

He further hinted on people, who overload electric installation systems, use lay electricians, substandard cables, welding activities and candles as other major causes.

“Whatever you do always take precautionary measures, there are proper ways to handle anything that can cause fire like electricity and gas. Don’t let children play with electricity or gas and always make sure that the gas cylinder and cooker are switched off after use.”

ACP Seminega also warned against keeping inflammables like petroleum products in houses, which can easily ignite fire.

Residents were also given basic skills on how to use fire extinguisher, safe use of cooking gas and urged to acquire firefighting and fire alarms.

They were also called upon to always call the RNP Fire and Rescue services on toll-free line 111, 112 and 0788311120, in case of a fire outbreak, for a quick response.

The continuous training will also be extended to hundreds of other selected categories of people in public places with potential fire outbreak risks. They include health facilities, universities, public offices, markets, commercial institutions and hotels.

Source: RNP News

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