Entrepreneurship Training Program to train TVET students on business development

By Elias Hakizimana.

Handong Global University and IPRC Gishari have started the implementation of The Pre Next Generation Entrepreneurship Training in Rwanda.

The training which has started by training about 100 trainers, will also train over TVET 1,300 students.

Pre NGET program is an intensive training program on entrepreneurship as part of the UNESCO UNITWIN project which helps capacity building for sustainable development among developing countries.

Its purpose is to help develop entrepreneurship mindset in the minds of the people in the developing countries – that gives incentives and nourishes the capacity for sustainable development for them.

“Through the Pre-NGET, the participants will be able to taste the entrepreneurial spirit, learn the basic skill-set necessary to start a new business as an entrepreneur” said Dr. Beomha Jee who is program director of Pre NGET program.

.UNITWIN (University Twining and Networking is a program established by UNESCO in 1992 with the aim of helping universities and research institutes in developing countries through networks with universities in developing countries to reduce knowledge gaps and foster self-reliance capabilities in developing countries.

In Korea, Handong Global University was designated as Korea’s first UNITWIN University in 2007.

The training of trainers was facilitated by Professors Beom-ha Jee, Hye-kyu Lee, Myoung-sool Do, Sang-wha Lee and Doo-hee Chung, 1 coordinator and 11 students of Handong Global University.

They conducted lectures on entrepreneurship, marketing, business model development and technology convergence, among 103 faculty members from IPRC in Rwanda.

In addition, in order to raise awareness among faculty members of the IPRC, practical training was also provided through group activities to come up with business idea development and lean canvases that could lead to social innovation.

“This program will be source of knowledge. First from here we will transfer our skills to the younger generation. From this training we expect a lot especially the skills that will help our young youth to identify social problems and find solutions” said SSP David KABUYE, principal of IPRC GISHARI.

“It was good to learn technical skills and knowledge through the Pre NGET program and learn how to grow significantly from small businesses and would be very helpful when I start a business in the future,” said Mirembe Jean d’Amour of IPRC GISHARI technical department, who participated in the program.

On August 14th last year, Handong Global University signed a MOU with University of Rwanda for startup and entrepreneurship education as part of its EDCF(Economic Development Cooperation Fund) project of Ministry of Economy and Finance in Korea.

On January 31st this year, it held a special seminar on capacity building and sustainable development at University of Rwanda and IPRC Gishari. Handong Global University plans to continue to strengthen cooperation with Rwanda for its goal of enhancing capacity for higher education and fostering talent.

As part of the ODA project of the Ministry of Education, Handong Global University has been promoting the enhancement of competence of universities, training of leaders and regional development projects by signing agreements with universities in developing countries focusing on low-income countries classified by World Bank. Currently, Handong Global University supports 62 universities and 16 institutions in 30 countries.

Before the beginning of this programme, Global Handong University delegation headed visited, on 13 August 2019, Kigali Genocide Memorial and Campaign against Genocide Museum to witness what happened in Rwanda in 1994.

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