When primary and secondary school students get instilled with anti-drugs abuse lessons

By Elias Hakizimana.

Priscilla Dusenge, was not aware of drug abuse, she always learns at school that someone who smocks is the one who uses drug abuse but there are many other drugs abuse other than tobacco that children at primary and secondary levels need to know and avoid.

Dusenge is a student in primary 5 at Groupe Scolaire Kanyinya, many of her colleagues told The Inspirer that they need more campaigns to know the consequences of using drugs and how to avoid them.

Fortunately, Groupe Scolaire Kanyinya was visited by a local organization that cater for youth, ‘Club Rafiki-Nyamirambo’ a youth friendly center that offer different services to young generations including talent boosting, reading, gaming and dancing among others.

The center performs its duties in partnership with Indigo Foundation. Though the messages delivered at the campaign about how to avoid drug abuse and unwanted pregnancies among teenagers, Dusenge and other children from this school gained a lot and decided to never fall in such lures.

Primary children following the message delivered during the campaign against drug abuse and unwanted pregnancies by Club Rafiki Nyamirambo at G.S Kanyinya on Friday, August 16, 2019

“Since I have understood kinds of drug abuse and consequences they cause, I cannot accept being tempted to take them, I know that drug abuse are all kinds that mislead people,” she said.

The campaigns thrilled children and teachers through music and dance, embarking on anti-drug abuse and unwanted pregnancies among teen girls at school.

Shakun Bon, a Hip hop singer who shined this campaign advised children to never take drugs as they can make them dropout of school and start a hard life.

Shakun Bon, a Hip hop singer  advised children to never take drugs as they can make them dropout of school and start a hard life.

“What I can tell children in my songs is that using drugs abuse undermines the present and future of their lives, it causes further delinquencies such as prostitution and prostitution leads to unwanted pregnancies,” Shakun said.

According to Marie Josee Umwari, Director of Studies at G.S Kanyinya, a campaign such as this one helps to reduce unwanted pregnancies and drug abuse among the youths. She said the school currently has a mentor whom children call her their ‘Aunt’. This mature mother listens to children’s questions and responds them and advises them to avoid temptations.

Marie Josee Umwari, Director of Studies at G.S Kanyinya appreciates the efforts lauded by the campaign to support current initiatives to mobilize children on good discipline to avoid temptations.

Omar Tony Nsengumuremyi, coordinator of Club Rafiki told The Inspirer that it is crucial to focus on primary and lower secondary school children by nurturing them with constructive messages and pieces of advice as they are the ones to be trapped into different temptations such as drug abuse and prostitution.

“We know that even over 18-year-old girls get unwanted pregnancies but these ones are not tempted because they are not children but these primary and lower secondary school students are children and exposed to lures, they are the ones who are sold in human trafficking, it is the reason why we have taken this campaign to schools to give them messages through entertainment approach. Today we want to tell children that there are temptations around them and their teachers must know this in order to protect children,” Nsengumuremyi noted. Shakun Bon performing at G.S. Kanyinya                                                                                              

Parents and partners of Club Rafiki watching out the campaign                                                                     
Urban dancers, the young singers of club Rafiki thrilling the participants to the campaign                  
Young models showcasing their talents at the campaign/ courtesy photos.




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