An entrepreneur generates Rwf24m net profit from turning organic vegetables into wine

By Inspirer Staff.

 At the ongoing Rwanda International Trade Fair taking place at Gikondo Expo Grounds, one of the companies that collects and processes organic vegetables into pulp and powder products to make different juice flavors and wines showcases how it amasses millions from the business

Jacqueline Mukashyaka , the CEO of Champion Grocers Ltd  behind a table overwhelmed by wines and juices, all produced by her company talks about the journey she has done and what she has in her pipeline

The female entrepreneur who sustains her family of four says that her company was able to get a net profit of 24.4 million Rwandan francs in 2018 and she estimates the income to be increased by seven-fold in 2023.

At the Expo Grounds, the National Agricultural Export Development Board has the fourth booth from the expo ground entrance.

This stand accommodates 9 Rwandan companies that exhibit local produced goods from the agriculture sector.

The Vision of Champion Grocers Ltd is to help Rwanda and the region of Africa to build a world class organic agricultural sector, where farmers and producers add value to their products and find profitable internal and export markets.

“We support and advise farmers wishing to improve their efficiency and profitability, add value to their products through processing, and help them to develop and adapt to address their client’s needs.” Narrates Mukashyaka.

Currently, the company has 2,117 farmers and 1,262 of them are women. The company started in 2015 with a focus of collecting, processing and selling organic vegetables and fruits from farmers (Individual, groups and cooperatives) across the country.

Mukashyaka confirms that their products are 100% natural (no sugar added, no water added, no Chemicals, no ingredients). When asked about her clients, she said that the sales go to hotels, supermarkets, schools, restaurants, industries and individuals. My wines and juices are loved but I need more recognition.

She added, “The best wines are of global standard, though most exciting when they clearly show a sense of their place of origin, mine have that originality”.

Champion Grocers Ltd has a plan to purchase a plot of land and build a processing factory in Kigali Special Economic Zone, increase the number of supplier farmers up to 1 million, and look for international markets.

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