Why it is important to have Red Cross First Aid at EXPO

By Elias Hakizimana.

Any Mass exhibition as the current 2019 Rwanda International Trade fair that is taking place at Gikondo exhibition ground, Kicukiro District involves health problems that comes after happiness such as inside accidents.

Children are the most vulnerable people of such accidents resulting from funny balancing and dynamic games as most of the times they fall down and get injured or cracked.

Early this week, Joselyne Kalisa brought her daughter to enjoy such games and the child fell down, having her foot cracked and took her to the Red Cross Exhibition Stand as soon as possible.

Instead of going to the hospital that could be far from the exhibition site, the child got quick first aid intervention and returned home with her mother in a safe condition.

Such games involves children accidents and make their health in danger

Speaking to The Inspirer, Joselyne Kalisa said “ I brought my child here at Exhibition and I took her in children funny dynamic games and unfortunately she has fallen down and has had her foot cracked. Here at RedCross we have got first aid interventions, I appreciate their help as I could have gone to the hospital otherwise,” she noted.

Vital Mapambano, a volunteer at Red Cross said that they are offering first aid services to anyone who can get a problem and they can save his/her life for many cases that don’t require radiology test.

“We give first aid interventions for any case of a person who get a problem in exhibition without going to hospital, this child has come here with too much pain but we reduced it and she goes home safely. Here we receive different cases including low, medium and fracture accidents. we handle all cases except cases that require radiology test such as bone fracture, but for low injury we can do surgery and a patient can go back at work.” Mapambano said.

He said that an accident case that requires radiology test is sent to hospital with the assistance of Red Cross intervention car. They help both children and mature people.

Since the beginning of exhibition many cases of children who fell down from dynamic games were counted and one of them was transferred to hospital.  




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Elias Hakizimana

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