Rulindo: Persons with vision impairment get a new lease of life from tailoring, advocacy support

By Bihire Dominique.

Rwanda Union of the Blinds organization (RUB) donated two tailoring machines and Rwf 170,000 to persons with vision impairment from Rulindo District in Northern Province to help them increase capacity for advocacy activities.

This support was handed to Persons with blindness of ABIZERANA association from Mbogo sector and others from neighbouring areas on Tuesday July 30th, 2019.

Immaculée Uwingabire, an official from Rwanda Union of the Blinds said that the donation is in line with building the capacity of these persons to advocate for themselves by raising existing key challenges they face in their daily lives. The tailoring machines will help some of these persons who graduated from Vocational Training schools.

“RUB currently supports persons with vision impairment in different activities but today we have planned two things, one being to further advocacy activities, and it is the reason why they were given Rwf 170,000 to help them move and look for their colleagues who are still hidden and sensitise them to come and join others,” Uwingabire said. Immaculée Uwingabire, an official from Rwanda Union of the Blinds in a red dress handing the sum of Rwf170,000 to persons with blind impairment in Mbogo sector

She added that RUB does not stop after helping some persons with vision impairment to acquire vocational training courses, but gives them materials to use at work.

Pascal Ndayisaba, the in-charge of social affairs in Mbogo sector lauded the efforts by RUB to support these persons as this initiative is in line with the country’s vision to promote inclusive development.

“This is a good initiative, it promotes citizen’s development and social inclusion by recognizing persons with vision impairment. In fact, we have appreciated because these materials given to our citizens will help them to generate income. They will manage to leave poverty.” He said.

Persons with vision impairment from this sector also appreciated the support and committed to share knowledge on how to use the tailoring machines they have got. Two persons among them who learnt about how to use these machines said they will teach their colleagues to use them too.

Persons with vision impairment observing the inside of tailoring machines they were given

They also said that they will work hard and help each other to strive for development of their association.

ABIZERANA association is located in Mbogo sector and is made of 26 members whom many of them are elderly persons.

There are two associations of persons with vision impairment in Rulindo District, one in Mbogo sector, another in Shyorongi sector. Both associations have between 65 and 70 members.

RUB has learnt that there are 2,500 persons with vision impairment countrywide who are supported through their associations.

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