Rwandan ladies are called to test MIADI products to keep hair healthy

By The Inspirer.

Rwandan ladies are called to visit and experience MIADI products to keep their hairs healthy, shiny and bouncy. MIADI products are being showcased in the ongoing Rwanda International Trade Fair (EXPO 2019) at Gikondo Exhibition ground in Kicukiro District of Kigali city.

Hosea Boro Kamau, Technician for MIADI in Rwandan market said that MIADI is a product that is formulated and made specifically for African hair.

“It suits African hair and every Rwandese woman, if you want to enjoy the services of MIADI products, come to our stand at Gikondo Expo, and we give you good services, in relaxer, in our treatment, in our pomeds, in our shampoos, we are going to leave you hair in avery good way, in a natural way, and is going to make your hair more healthy,” he said. A client enjoying MIADI products and services inside MIADI’s exhibition stand at Gikondo expo ground on Wednesday July 31, 2019.

He said that MIADI is formulated in NARIOBI by a company called HACCO Industries and its products are made with natural ingredients such as Olive Oil and Aloe Vera that makes MIADI Relaxer that enhance the natural appearance of African hair.

“After we did research on a number of issues concerning African hair, African hair suffers from a number of issues, and the biggest one is dryness, the hair becomes very dry, so all MIADI products have been formulated to cater for the hair that is going to be dry, we are putting a shampoo that is a two in one, we call it a two in one shampoo, which is MIADI fruit shampoo, it is a shampoo and it is a pre-shampoo at the same time,” he said. One of MIADI staff showing up a bottle of products’ sample

“when we use it, it is going to shampoo your hair and at the same time it is going to condition your hair, it is going to leave your hair very healthy with a lot of moisture and a lot of shines, and it does not make the hair tangled, because there are some shampoos you can use and hair becomes tangles, this makes easier to comb your hear, you can be able to comb it through even your fingers, and then after that we always encourage to use a MIADI living treatment, which is a very good moisturizer,  and it has a lot of moisturizing ingredients,” he added.

He noted that this product makes hair easy to comb and remain shiny and always bouncy. “The role of MIADI is to make hair very natural, vibrant and bouncy,” Kamau added.

Kamau calls Rwandans to use exhibition opportunity and go to experience MIADI products to keep their hairs healthy, shiny and bouncy.



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