Nyarugenge: Youth display formidable entertaining talents as anti-drug abuse campaign kicks off

By Elias Hakizimana.

Hundreds of youth have thrilled the citizens of Kanyinya Sector, Nzove cell in Nyarugenge District as they demonstrate their great talents during an-anti drug abuse and unwanted pregnancy campaign that kicked off last week in partnership with Police and Club Rafiki.

These youths were nurtured with various talents including modern dancing, fashion and modeling acquired from youth-friendly Club Rafiki in Nyamirambo, Nyarugenge District of Kigali city.

Speaking during the event, Omar Tony Nsengumuremyi, Coordinator of Club Rafiki said that the center has responsibilities to fight against unwanted pregnancies and drug abuse and raising youth talents as well as teaching them about sexual reproductive health.

Every month they do two campaigns where they listen to youth. They go beyond Kanyinya sector and go in entire Nyarugenge district in order to hear from what youth need.

Nsengumuremyi said that such campaigns contribute to the reduction of drug abuse and unwanted pregnancies where 500 and 700 young girls and boys use to attend.

“We first listen to them in order to raise their talents, we approach him/her at home and pay attention to his/her talent, as Club Rafiki alone, we cannot do that but together everything is possible. Once during such campaigns, a child got a sponsor to his music talent after lighting up the audience,” he said.

He added that helping a child to showcase his/her talents is a good initiative that can help them generate income in the future. “We have established a dancing school coming from children’s wishes, they meet as120 children four times a week and many local artists support them to present their talents.

Featuring with local artists

“Here we have children who have featured with Meddy, The Ben and Man Martin, that is a very promising achievement that talent promotion will succeed, we recently sent two teams of children who won The East African Goat Talent Competition that took place in Nairobi so far, that is the significant role we play in promoting youth talents,” Nsengumuremyi said.

He revealed that disciplines and respecting the school’s guidelines help them to win the trust of clients who sometimes give them part-time jobs to light up the audiences in various events.

Club Rafiki has 120 permanent students in four classes that meet four times a week to refine their talents and have other lessons on sexual reproductive health, plus 25 clubs making a total of 500 youth in Nyarugenge district. Over 20-year-old youth become the mentor of their colleagues with the support of Club Rafiki.

Modeling and fashion scheme 

“We also have modeling and fashion school, we have currently 60 children who meet once a week, they work with many big modeling agencies in the country to prepare models, they are applying to attend the competition that will take place in France very soon,” he noted.

Models speak out

Gilbert Ishimwe, 20, is a trainer of modern fashion group, one of Club Rafiki’s class of modeling and fashion. He was inspired by his cousin who was doing fashion and modeling business besides being a talent.

“Our class has 30 models: 18 girls and 12 boys. Our future aims at advertising and make many concerts, to sensitize children about the fight against unwanted pregnancies and drug abuse as well as improving their skills, we will soon participate in Style award on august 10th, 2019, we have a plan of urban models and we need to expand the business and have branches countrywide,” Ishimwe said.

Modern fashion group trains children from 3-year-old and above where they are taught how to walk properly and good clothing styles that fit them at any event.

Nadia Tumukunde, 17, is also a model for two years, she says that modeling is a job as other kinds of jobs when someone is interested. She said the future of modeling as a profession is good because it can help youth to generate income. 


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