Local Universities want increase the number of International students in Rwanda

By Elias Hakizimana.

Mixed views by local University leaders on why international students should come study in Rwanda were raised, pointing that Rwanda has a conducive environment in terms of security and safety for Businesses and Education.

Claude Gakwandi, Chairman of Study in Rwanda organization told the media yesterday during a press conference with senior leaders of some Universities that deliver international courses in Rwanda that the rationale behind the existence of the organization is to increase the number of international students.

“We want to increase the number of international students who want to enjoy local curriculum and we have good programs that students from any country can enjoy in our local institutions such as University of Rwanda, University of Kigali, and more.

Gakwandi encourages the world investors to venture into international needs in education such as tourism.

Claude Gakwandi, Chairman of Study in Rwanda during interview with the media

“We have respected courses in terms of academic contents, we can develop this initiative and we have institutions that currently offer international programs like Carnegie Mellon University, AIMS and many other institutions have adopted this, and we need to develop it into a larger scale,” he said.

He added that they see more potential boost to quality of education for the future of local institutions within the study in Rwanda program as different foreign universities will partner with local ones where they will benefit from each other.

He said that the program will also reduce cost and expenses Rwandan students used to spend going to study in foreign countries.

Most of the people worldwide would prefer to study and invest in Rwanda as a country of a conducive environment in terms of security and safety.

“The country is secured, one can walk at all corners 24 hours, and, in terms of good governance, Rwanda has the laws that facilitate investors to come and invest in Education and in terms of the culture, Rwandans are friendly and welcome colleagues to come and study in Rwanda,” said Prof Tombola M. Gustave, the vice chancellor in charge of academics and research in University of Tourism, technology and business studies (UTB).

Prof Tombola M. Gustave, the vice chancellor in charge of academics and research in University of Tourism, technology and business studies (UTB).

Dr Safari Erneste from Mount Kenya University (MKU) said: “Rwanda helps to build Africa we want and countries we want, it is a place in which is possible to grow psychologically, physically and socially, we need one another, we should promote intra-mobility within the continent as sisters and brother countries; here I can say at macro-level where together we can shape internationalization realities in our countries like foreign exchanges, cash flows. so, we have to work together to make study in Rwanda a reality,” he noted.

University of Kigali among others has more than twenty nationalities represented according to  Prof. Abraham K. WAITHIMA- Vice Chancellor, UoK and those include students from German, India, Kenya, Uganda and more.

“One of the things we consider is the quality of education in Rwanda, we have the high education council (HEC) that always observes the progress and possibility of that quality, we can gain and retain all those resources here in Rwanda,” Abraham noted.






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Elias Hakizimana

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