AJPRODHO honoured over 5,000 Tutsi killed in Bugesera

By Elias Hakizimana.

The umbrella of youth who strive for Human Rights and Development (AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA) honoured the victims of Tutsi killed during the 1994 genocide in Ntarama sector of Bugesera District.

The delegation made a journey to Ntarama from Kigali on June 7, 2019 where they were explained the bad history where the victims were killed in a holly place which was a church. They were expecting to save life in a church and unfortunately they were killed by Interahamwe.

Ntarama genocide memorial hosts over 5,000 bodies of Tutsi of which 1542 names were identified, written on the wall.

AJPRODHO staff members arriving at Ntarama genocide memorial

Speaking at their visit after laying a wreath on the mass grave, Antony Businge, the Executive Secretary of AJPRODHO said that commemoration of the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi marks a very historical day for their youth led-organisation as it was established to help reconstruct the country by contributing their efforts in making a better future of Rwandans, especially youth.

Anthony Businge, Executive Secretary of AJPRODHO 

“We remember today the rights our parents, brothers and sisters lost and AJPRODHO was established in 1997 after learning from the bad history of the genocide against the Tutsi where youths killed others, we now want to contribute our efforts in changing to better, we have duties to end genocide ideology because it is still around, we still have genocide deniers both in country and outside, let us all strive for peace in Rwanda and in the entire world,” Businge said.

He said that youth must help the country to recover the basic rights to health that Tutsi lost.

AJPRODHO staff members  listening to a brief history of Ntarama during the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi

AJPRODHO also committed to donate two cows to two genocide survivors who were selected by local authorities following their needy situation comparing to others and they will have them next week.

Silas Nsanzabera, 70 appreciated the cow, saying that it was not easy to get milk to drink. “I was born in a cow farmers’ family and I used to enjoy milk but nowadays it is hard to find some, I really thank AJPRODHO to give me a cow,” he said.

Jean Paul Murangira, another genocide survivor who will also get a cow said it will help him improve on welfare. “I had a cow that used to give me milk for my child, unfortunately, it died one and three months ago, I thank these people to recognize me and donate me another cow,” Murangira said.

Next week, Silas Nsanzabera and Jean Paul Murangira will have their cows from AJPRODHO

Marthe Uwamugira, the Executive Secretary of Ntarama sector appreciated the commitment of the young human right activists, narrating that youths were involved in destruction of the country and they must be the ones to rebuild it.

This was reiterated by Magellan Sebatware, Director of good governance in Bugesera district who appreciated the good will of AJPRODHO to honour the victims of Tutsi and recalled them to strive for Never Again.

“This is a bad history, any of us should strive for never again, our history is bitter but we will continue to remember by building self-reliance and development,” Sebatware noted.













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