Job creation: How Meaningful is Engaging Youth in Agribusiness

By Elias Hakizimana.

Unemployment is among the burdens Rwanda is still struggling to curb, and it is quite an issue for young generation.

A couple of years ago with the establishment of Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness (RYAF), a big step was made as these youths have fully invested in Agriculture that is a key sector on which a number of Rwandans depend on.

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Geraldine Mukeshimana, the government of Rwanda has set up big ambitions when it comes to job creation. “The National Strategy for Agricultural Transformation for example is set to create 1,500,000 jobs to expand the food markets in Africa and specifically in Rwanda and beyond,” she said.

A number of University Graduate youths have understood the role of investing in agriculture (Courtesy photo).

The World Bank states that Agribusiness sector in Africa is set to mobilize about a trillion dollars by 2030, which is crucial towards empowering youth to take active part and benefits from such great opportunities.

Speaking during the awarding ceremony in agri-preneurship sector on May 29, 2019 in Kigali, Jean Baptiste Hategekimana, Chairman of RYAF said that Rwanda needs young people who can understand the country’s vision and opportunities emerging around to reach the national vision, where job creation among young generations within the sector should be prioritized. 

Jean Baptiste Hategekimana, Chairman of RYAF (Courtesy photo).

The contestants to the competition in agri-preneurship were coming from across the country to discuss on how engaging youth in agriculture can contribute a lot in creating thousands of jobs to Rwanda’s young generation.

It attracted more than 350 aspiring young entrepreneurs from over 50 Universities and high schools across the country and few invitees from the region, investor partners, Government officials and policy makers under one roof to re- think more about the future of agriculture in Rwanda.

Minister Mukeshimana said that the future of agriculture across Africa is very bright and attractive for investors to deal with food security among communities.

She noted that Agriculture in Rwanda is becoming more and more resourceful for the youth by not only improving food security among communities, but also creating jobs and wealth for young entrepreneurs.

“In the past three years, our government has started deliberate initiatives that engage youth in agricultural value chain activities and we are very happy to see that the number of young generation engaging in agriculture is exponentially increasing. Most interestingly, more educated young men and women are actively engaging in various initiatives aiming to increase the agriculture productivity, guaranteeing the safety of agriculture produces, agriculture data and information generation and sharing, market linkages and value addition,” Mukeshimana said.

She congratulated all youth who are currently engaged in agriculture including the Umbrella of all youth companies and businesses engaged in agribusinesses (RYAF), HORECO, HARICO and YEAN Rwanda for their significant role in agriculture transformation.

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Elias Hakizimana

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