Book writers urged to focus on community interests

By Elias Hakizimana.

Local Book writers were called on having the emphasis on the needs of the community that are useful in advancing socio-economic development.

The call was made by the national library last week during the general meeting of writers and publishers to examine current issues hindering the industry so that a book becomes a source of labor and get market exposure in Rwanda and internationally. 

Writers mentioned various issues hindering the development of the industry that include lack of buyers.

Beatha Nyirabahizi, Ag. Director of national library said that writers need to focus on various perspectives to hook readers to buy their books as a way of responding to the issue of lack of market.

“What is needed is to encourage writers to write on various life corners to motivate readers to buy the books, they need to give Rwandans what they need to know to move faster in socio-economic development such as knowledge in agriculture, modern construction, etc, so writers need to first know what is the existing problems and who to write for,” Nyirabahizi noted.

She said however that writing and publishing industry is developing despite some persisting challenges.

“We lack efforts of marketing strategy. Buyers are also still few, we need to coordinate efforts and discussing what can be done further, we need to have a way of looking for clients in Rwanda and outside,” she said.

According to Professor Malonga, the gap in development of the industry is due to the fact that writers’ efforts are not coordinated. He advises for having an intimacy to improve their work and attract readers.

“Writers should have a common council that regulates them and they need be free, a writer as a journalist is a professional, we need to work together and correct each other, we need to consider that as we used to say ‘writers of the 20th century and gather efforts for a common development, this does not require to copy and paste, but a strong association is needed so that we advise each other so that we improve our work.” Malonga said.

He combines together three main threats that can delay their development citing lack of Professionalism, Poverty and ignorance to not seek advice from fellow writers.

The number of Book writers is around 40 countrywide according to Nyirabahizi, and among them women are still few and encouraged to join.









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Elias Hakizimana

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