Meet Mugisha, a talented and skilled artist drawing stunning pictures with pen

By Elias Hakizimana.

Gislain Mugisha,20, is a self-taught creative artist whose talent was oriented in pen drawing and he strives to make attractive artworks at the same time being a University student.

Mugisha was passionate with drawing since his primary age when he was at College du Christ Roi Nyanza. He is now having University lessons in the Institute of applied science (INES RUHENGERI)

“My story in art industry started at younger age What I remember is that in primary 1, I used to draw and had much love for art. I have different memories like when I was drawing in class for teachers and my friends in science lessons. Joining high schools, I reduced my drawing speed until I reached in advanced lever,” Mugisha said.

Gislain Mugisha at work.

Mugisha could spend much time on his artworks than other lessons at school. One up on time, he was in holidays and met with a colleague who was also artist without any related skills background from school, then he also gained a good moment to request parents to help him orient his talent.

“They linked me with an artist who taught me art basic skills for only one month and by the beginning of 2017, I started teaching myself how to draw various images of things. Every time in class I could be drawing but also following lessons to void the failure. After completing the high schools, I joined pencil and painting media. In fact, I was inspired by the work of fellow artists who started from nothing,” he said.

The artist said that art has been a challenging medium for him as sometimes he still combining with studies.

“Challenges can’t miss as I am a still mixing art with my studies, the working time seems to be short, other challenges includes lack of supporters to invest in my artwork activities and the mindset of Rwandans toward artworks is still poor especially when it comes to their value in cash,” Mugisha said.

The artist is thinking how to set up a gallery for his products to be sold for locals and foreigners where he used his social media accounts to advertise them.

“By now I make my artworks using a pen and paper and I make some commissions for people who need get special works from me, they reach me on my social media accounts mainly Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram or by direct calls. Currently, I am still looking for a good art gallery to exhibit my drawings,” he added. 

The artist plans to raise his artwork to the international level by promoting Rwandan culture.

Surviving up on his artworks

Mugisha said that his artworks generate little income that helps in tackling financial issues in his daily scholastic life. “Sometimes I can earn Rwf 60.000 and over depending on the season. All investments come from what I earned before because I do not have any sponsor. Since the beginning of artwork as a business, the big amount I earned is Rwf 120,000.” Mugisha noted.

He said this means a lot for him according to his seed capital which was only Rwf 15,000. Since joining the industry in 2017, he has produced over 50 artworks including drawings and paintings.

More of Mugisha’s artworks:

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