Major Gen. Mubaraka urges youth to strive for Rwanda’s pride

By Elias Hakizimana.

Major Gen.Mubaraka Muganga, the commander of the Eastern Military Region and the city of Kigali urges youth who are members of patriotism organization Rwanda to be the champions in fighting for the national pride.

Mubaraka was speaking during an extra-ordinary session organized by patriotism organization Rwanda that attracted youth from various high school Institutions in Rwanda on May 4, 2019 in Kigali.

They were tasked to fight for the pride of the country and to be guided by heroism spirit as the power of the future.

He embarked on the history of heroism of RPF-Inkotanyi to liberate the country, to stop the genocide against the Tutsi and release Rwandan refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Major Gen.Mubaraka Muganga, the commander of the Eastern Military Region and the city of Kigali urges youth to love the country

Gen. Major Mubaraka Muganga told these youths to learn from Inkotanyi’s heroism and put patriotism at the forefront.

“You should love your country as your slogan states; love it more than you love yourselves. Our patriotism was did not end in 1990s and 1994, it happened that we cross to DRC in 1997 to strive for the pride of the nation, we fired Interahamwe and we released refugees and now Rwanda is safe,” said Gen.Mubaraka.

Also taking about the recently arrested so-called Major Sankara, Nsabimana Callixte, his real name, Major Gen. Mubaraka warned youth to have better use and management of their social media accounts especially YouTube as Sankara was not spreading constructive messages other than hate.  

Youths following discussions

Youth were advised to avoid any kind of discrimination, corruption of any style and any other think that can cause conflicts among Rwandans.

Fauntain Kayumba Muvunyi, the chairperson of Patriotism organization Rwanda said that they have started the activities of patriotism since three years ago when they were in secondary school and the inspiration was the bad history of the country. 

Fauntain Kayumba Muvunyi, the chairperson of Patriotism organization Rwanda

“Being born in a country of such a bad history, we could not stay in a comfort zone but we have better to learn from our parents who did whatever possible to change that history into various achievements, reason why we should love our country at all cost,” Muvunyi said.

Patriotism organization Rwanda operates in 11 high school institutions countrywide and has around 600 members.

Youth gained a good occasion to ask many questions and got responses that will help them to boost their activities of promoting patriotism. 

Youths following discussions
Youths following discussions      
Youths with Gen. Mubaraka in a group photo after discussions on patriotism

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