Prosecution wants that terrorism suspects who were plotting to ‘explode Kigali’ be remanded for more days

By The Inspirer

Prosecution has requested that over 10 suspects of terrorism crimes including BBC journalist Phocas Ndayizera be placed in custody for another month to enable it carry out thorough investigation in the alleged crimes.

Their assumed crimes would claim lives and destroy properties in Kigali City, by installing explosives in form of dynamites and blow them up to cause damages.

Substantiating its reasons for extended remand, the prosecution argued that it wrote a letter to the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) requesting it to make make an assessment indicating the intensity of such devices. This exercise, it said, was meant to help know what the damages including loss of lives  that such act could cause.

The prosecution made the request to Nyarugenge Primary Court in Nyamirambo on Wednesday when the suspects appeared before in court for bail and detention case in relation to the charges pressed against them.

Earlier, In November, 2018, Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) told the media that journalist Ndayizera was suspected of terrorism related crimes as he was caught in possession of explosives that were allegedly going to be used to destroy Kigali, and he was attempting to link operations with his colleagues.

Ndayizeye was  immediately arrested in Nyamirambo, together with the person who provided him with such explosives.

The prosecution accused them of grave and cruel crimes including offence against the ruling power, inciting others to commit terrorist acts, being in terrorist group, treason and demolition of constructions.

Despite being placed in custody since December 21, 2018, the prosecution held that investigation on their crimes is still ongoing.

Apart from the report, it said that it wanted RDF to show them a video demonstrating the extent of damage that such explosives would cause once ignited.

“We did this in order to know whether there was attempt for killing, or whether it was only injuring people, or whether it was only terrorism acts that, if the explosives blasted, would not claim lives or damage properties,” said Michel Nshimiyimana, a prosecutor, while explaining the prosecution’s position in court.

In addition, he said, the report findings would give clarity on each of the suspects’ part in the charges brought against them.

He also disclosed that there are other people in and outside the country who are suspected of complicity with the accused, adding that prosecution is working with investigation organs on the issue.

“The findings will help us come up with a complete dossier to file in court,”  Nshimiyimana observed.

Only two of the suspects had lawyers while in court.

The suspects concurred that they they have been in custody for long time and should be temporarily released until their trial, claiming that they were not going to distort evidence nor escape justice.

“We realise that saying that an assessmentthere is a need for an assessment to determine the magnitude of the dynamites is a reason for continuing to jail Ndayizera without standing trial. We request that he be released from custody, be cause he will be following court orders in regards to the trial,” said Apecus Munyamunanage, Ndayizera’s lawyer.

The presiding judge said that the decision on the court proceeding of Wednesday will be pronounced on April 12, 2019.

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