China-Africa forum launched to boost ties, promote mutual cooperation

By Frederic Byumvuhore

The People’s Republic of China on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, launched a platform that aims to enhance mutual learning and strengthening mutual cooperation between Africans and Chinese people towards the successful shared future.

The official launch ceremony took place in Beijing during an International symposium on China-Africa Cooperation and People to people Exchange. Later this month, Beijing is preparing to host the second summit of its flagship Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The event was witnessed by members of International Advisory Committee of the China-Africa institute, representatives of think tanks from China and Africa, ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps among others.

The established forum targets to enhance mutual learning between Chinese and Africans, as well as strengthening exchanges of their experience in governance and development.

Also, it seeks to provide intellectual and talent support for the “Belt and Road” construction collaboration and for comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership facing the future between China and Africa to build China-Africa community with a shared future.

Working as an exchange platform to engage actively academic exchanges between China and Africa, the institute will focus on deepening mutual understanding, and promote people to people communications.

The institute will work as a research base to organise collaborative research programs to facilitate China-Africa cooperation, a hub to gather talents and train high end professionals for China-Africa.

China President Xi Jinping’s congratulation letter read by Yang Jiechi, the Director of the Office of the foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, reiterates China-Africa cooperation that both have many things in common and they should work closely to ensure well-being of the people.

Yang is also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

“China is the biggest economic developing country and Africa is a home of the developing countries. Enhancing the mutual collaboration contributes to improved living conditions of people,” he read in the letter.

Again, China has highlighted its commitment and support towards making China-Africa more strong and productive. 

In his address, Joaquim Chissano, the former president of Mozambique described the new platform a historic landmark in the long process of China-Africa relations and that the move will consolidate and promote China-Africa cooperation to the higher level, with the ultimate goal of realising the aspirations of the people for both parts.

According to Rwandan Ambassador to China, Charles Kayonga, the platform is helpful to harmonise and explore more about the partnership of China and African countries to ensure stability and productivity of some initiatives.   

Rwandan Ambassador to China, Charles Kayonga, was among the participants (3rd R)
Yang Jiechi(2nd L),Joaquim Chissano, former president of Mozambique (3rd) and AU commissioner Sarah Anyang Agbor(4th) launch the China Africa Institute.

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