Real property valuers appeal for board member re-election after controversial vote

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Real property valuers in Rwanda elected new board members on March 15, 2019, the election that left confusion in some of property valuers who say it was done against their council’s rules.

Members wish to hold a re-election as among the candidates, there were some people who were given wrongly allowed to be elected after exceeding the maximum two mandates on duties.

They said officials from the national electoral commission (NEC) came to lead election but did not respect internal voting regulations of the council of real property valuers.

These members made an appeal to the Ministry of Environment on March 20,2019 requesting to pass another election that respects the council’s rules.

Some of the valuers told Igihe that it is shameful that their internal election commission could fail to exercise its duties and request for passing the second election.

Seth Nshimiyimana, one of real property valuers said “The election was done unlawfully as our internal election commission was deprived its power to lead the election process, all we wish is to pass the second election,”

Another valuer said “surprisingly we got people entering the room and start speaking on behalf of the National Election Commission; they started naming some of the candidates who exceeded two mandates,”

This issue was reaffirmed by Edouard Kyazze, the Vice-Chairperson of the Institute of Real Property Values (IRPV).

 “I was among the observers and members raised that issue that election was done against our internal voting rules, which made them to appeal to the Ministry of Environemt and we are still waiting for the feedback,”  

Charles Munyaneza, the executive secretary of NEC said that NEC did not send any staff to lead that election of real property valuers.

 “We did not send any person there, we currently go there in elections to help them vote their leaders after making a clear preparation,” Munyaneza said.

He added that NEC staff who went to intervene in that election went at own side but the commission was not aware.

Real property valuers council is made of 142 members while only 92 participated in this election.

Some of NEC staff who said they were sent by the National Electoral Commission. 


Some of valuers who participated to elections


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