How Musanze genocide survivor’s hope is getting restored

By Elias Hakizimana.

The future looked bleak with no hope for happiness for Xavérine Nyinawinkindi after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi that took away life of her husband. And, losing the second one, whom she was married to after such a tragic event, made her feel utterly desperate.

She experienced tough life without a house to shelter her and her children, and without any other support until she got government and Good Samaritans’ interventions.

Nyinawinkindi currently lives in a new house built under the support of the government of Rwanda and Ruhengeri’s Evangelical Restoration Church of which she is a Christian.

“I am among survivors of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. After escaping from the Genocide with my four children,  I was married to a husband who also passed away shortly, leaving me with sorrow. After all the hurdles, the church comforted me psychologically, morally and physically,” Nyinawinkindi told The Inspirer.

“I had no hope for the future, the church helped me to build a house in a plot I was given by the government,” she said.

“Another unforgettable thing in my mind is that the church helped me to have milk to feed my little five-month baby, she has now grown up. In general, the church donated me with a cow that is soon to have a new born and milk. All these kinds of supports are very significant to my life. It was a big step to me to be able to have self reliance,” she added.

The mother of four is thankful to the Restoration church in Musanze District that engaged its efforts significantly to show her love and togetherness.

She is now enjoying life with her children who are acquiring knowledge in schools.

“My two children are in University schools, another is in secondary schools and the little is in primary school, now I am not afraid of living conditions,” Nyinawinkindi said.


Xavérine Nyinawinkindi speaking to The Inspirer/Photo by Desire Muhire.

She says that the comfort from the community helps genocide survivors to be strong during the commemoration of genocide.

“We feel strong when we see people showing us love and comfort such as physical support than when we can see ourselves in loneliness,” she added.

Reverend Pastor Jonas Matabaro Mporana of Evangelical Restoration Church Ruhengeri  calls on other church leaders to bring efforts together in tackling human security issues, food security and family conflicts by helping the community to be self reliant.

Reverend Pastor Jonas Matabaro Mporana/Photo by Desire Muhire.

He says there are no barriers that prevent people from offering Good Samaritan support according to the bible. “It requires accepting carrying the burden, no other barrier to doing well for others. Another thing is a need of collaboration between the government, civil society and private sector to support needy population,” he said.


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