YAMAHA pledges to sell durable, quality motorcycles to Rwandans

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwandans are encouraged to buy YAMAHA motorcycles at Spear Motors and Sound Ltd,  a local motorcycle assembling and selling company that sells YAMAHA Brand motorcycles in Gikondo-in Kicukiro district as quality and durability are assured.

Donatien Murenzi, Managing Director of Spear Motors&Sound Limited that sells YAMAHA motorcycles revealed the specialty of YAMAHA Brand motorcycles that are assembled from Rwanda.

All spear parts are imported from Japan and are assembled by trained technicians who took experience from Japan.

“We sell quality motors in different categories such as AG 100, that is known to be useful by agronomists, soldiers and other people who use to go on fields. We also have DT 125, DT 175, AG 200, XTZ 125, AG 125, YBR125, CRUX REV 110 and we have YCZ 125 that is the most preferable by for taxi-motorcyclists. We need to help Agronomists and motorcyclists, companies and individual persons who need quality and durable motors,” Murenzi said. 

He added that Spear Motors and Sound Ltd signed a Business Memorandum of Understanding with FERWACOTAMO to buy their motorcycles where YCZ 125 brand was the most preferable for Rwanda’s Taxi Motorcyclists.

Donatien Murenzi, Managing Director of Spear Motors  and Sound Limited

Apart from motorcycles, the company also sells quality and durable water pumps, engine oils, water vehicles, Outboard motors, generators, etc.

Murenzi said that rumors were circulating that YAMAHA is not operating and was taken over by other companies, which is not true.

“That is not true, we need to tell our clients that our company is operating and working original motorcycles and there is no other company that took over our business, ” Murenzi said. “We are the first Leading Motorcycle Company in Rwanda and we are not in a competition,” He added.

YAMAHA Motorcycles


YAMAHA businesses are operating in 200 countries and regions all over the world, selling motorcycles and other products.  

“We enter Africa over 40 years before, we have a long history of doing this business in Africa, and we have done business for Africans, we have confidence that Yamaha products especially motorcycles have pure consumption, and amazing durability according to users,” said NAKAMURA Kazunori, an official of YAMAHA MOTOR-Japan based in Africa Market within the overseas market development operation business unit.

NAKAMURA Kazunori, an official of YAMAHA MOTOR-Japan based in Africa Market within the overseas market Development Operation Business Unit.

He said that Yamaha products are changing customers’ life, with durability. “Using our products can save money and increase money to taxi motorcyclists. This is the message to our customers,” he added.

Clement Mutangana, Chief Technician at Spear Motors in Gikondo, Kicukiro District assures that the YAMAHA motorcycles are durable and that clients first make sure that a motorcycle is well functioning before they take it outside the company.

“We always follow the assembling manual to avoid technical errors in fixing the spear parts of these motorcycles and we check on the pre-delivery inspection sheet.” He said.

Spear Motors and Sound Ltd is one of 91 institutions chosen by the Workforce Development Authority’s Skills Development Fund (WDA/SDF) to offer training of assembling YAMAHA motorcycles in Rwanda.

Clement Mutangana, Chief Technician at Spear Motors showing up the Motorcycle assembly manual.  
A technician at work in the assembling house at Spear Motors Headquarters in Gikondo on March 6, 2019. Photo by Elias Hakizimana.  
YAMAHA AG 100 Motorcycle Brand 


A man on one of YAMAHA’s motors jumping 


YAMAHA CRUX REV Motorcycle Brand 
YAMAHA CRUX REV Motorcycle Brand..
YAMAHA water Vehicle 
YAMAHA out board engine 
YAMAHA Jacket  
A man on one of YAMAMAHA’s motors jumping 
Spear Motors and Sound Ltd logo.




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