Muhanga: citizens urged on  better use of supports to reject poverty

By Elias Hakizimana.

The citizens from needy families of first ubudehe scheme category in Muhanga District urged to well manage the supports given by the government and development partners so that they graduate and leave space to other poor population.

The message was delivered by Fortuné Mukagatana, the vice mayor in charge of social affairs on Wednesday while visiting citizens of Shyogwe sector in Muhanga District who were supported to move from the first category of ubudehe scheme, that means the poorest ones.

“We encourage the citizens to strive for helping themselves starting from the supports they are given.” Mukagatana said.

“Today a citizen is requested to work hard and graduate from his/her category so that we support others, most of them pledged to graduate and they have a good will to achieve it.” She added.

Citizens testimonies

Beatrice Umuhoza, the mother of three from Muhanga said that her family has been struggling to tap to the basic needs such as children education, health insurance and clothing.

This mother was in the first category of ubudehe scheme and she said there is a hope to graduate and move forward.

“It was difficult for my family to pay health insurance for the children, it was also hard to find clothes and notebooks for them but now life has changed to good as we benefited from the support of a local organization dubbed ‘Hope of Family’ operating in our area.

They help us to repair our old houses and to have school materials for the children; and they build kitchen garden for us to fight malnutrition. They also gave us pigs to increase income for our family,” Umuhoza said.

Emanuel Nyandwi, another citizen who is in the first category of ubudehe scheme: “life was not easy and we were helped to change the mindset on how to develop future development of our families. We now have access to vegetables and we were trained on how to increase agricultural produce,” he said.

The vice mayor said that Since 2016 during the establishment of the current ubudehe categories in Muhanga District, the district had 11% of all the population, about 319,141 people.

She noted that most of those from the first categories got different government supports, including VUP allowance for elders. “We requested for funds to continue supporting these people, and we want them to graduate from the poor categories to advanced ones,” she said.

She lauded the efforts of the civil society that complements the government interventions in accelerating development for all the population.




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