African Church leaders pledge community’s livelihood and behavioral transformation

Desire Muhire.

Church leaders from 19 African nations are committed to respond to needs of communities by applying real faith from God rather than being so-called Christian with no sign of divine charity and behaviors.

According to Eric Munyemana, the Continental Director of the Peace Plan in Africa, various church representatives are gathered in Kigali to learn from Rwanda’s religious progress as well as the country is making tremendous progress in other domain such as security, reconciliation, economy to mention few.

“We are congregated here to change some of our followers’ beliefs, those who only think that going to church is enough, but when it comes to support, charity, love one another, helping vulnerable, they do not care, we want our believers to put into practice what our God has called us to do, not only calling themselves Christians without Christians’ acts” He said

However, he said that they [church leaders] are committed to make their Christians hold always God’s positive comportments, wherever they are.

We are lucky, Rwanda’s policy towards its citizens is unity, and also our Almighty God wants us to be unified.

“We are facing many problems on our continent, and many of Christians are involved in those chaotic deeds, those are not Christians we wish to have, their problem is that they do not hold God’s real commandments,

God preaches us to love each other, we cannot commit those crimes to our brothers once we love them as we love ourselves” He confirmed.

Nearly 150 delegates gathered to learn from the example of local Rwandan churches of all dominations working together in the peace plan, a model of church unity, church health, and local community transformation to which is now impacting the rest of Africa.

“The church of Rwanda inspired me, as a pastor of Central Africa, to see the church that experienced the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, but which is committed to bringing transformation in life of the country.”  Rev. Dr. Nicholas Guerekoyame-Gbangou, president of the Religious Confessions Platform in the RCA.

Three years ago, Peace plan has helped grassroots communities achieving the following exploits:

341 children were adopted, 336 water tanks and 1501 filters were offered to vulnerable citizens, and 11000 people were trained to sustain hygiene while 1700 saving groups were also trained among other achievements.

“Government, Private Sectors and Religious are the main key to community’s progress, and once each plays his own role, and no one replaces another, the community will have incredible positive transformation”, Eric Munyemana said.












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