RAB urged Agrodealers to mobilize farmers for the new Season 2019-B

By The Inspirer staff writer.

Rwanda agriculture Board (RAB) told agro-dealers to mobilize farmers to be ready for the season 2019-B, providing them with quality inputs and train them on application of fertilizers.

In partnership with development partners in Agriculture, RAB has intensified its campaign to mobilize and prepare farmers for the season so as to avoid any loss due to lack of information and agro-inputs.

Egide Gatari, the Agricultural Subsidies Program Manager at RAB said that what the RAB advises farmers is to make a choice of fertilizers they want to use after being trained on proper use.

He said that farmers who respect the guidelines of using fertilizers and irrigation can harvest between 7.5 tons of maize per one hectare while other farmers who do not use similar strategies harvest between 4.5 and 5.2 tons per one hectare.

Donatille Mukakomeza is a farmer and agro-dealer from Nyamagabe District. She testified an improvement of crop produce both in quality and quantity after her own observation.

So far during the season A, she sold 4 tons and 426 kilograms of fertilizers in their different types and said that all fertilizers are good and have made impacts on farmers’ produce where the productivity increased significantly after using these kinds of fertilizers rich in micro-nutrients.

“They are good fertilizers rich in minerals, when you look at the produce you see huge impacts in quality and quantity. We have farmer field schools to teach our colleague-farmers how to improve the produce. Myself I have a farmer field school and many farmers come to learn from my farm of maize, I have planted one hectare and my maize plants are healthy.

Emmanuel Ntereye, an agro-dealer from Butaro Sector, Burera District in Northern Province said that has sold over 6 tons of fertilizers.

He also said that farmers were explained on use of the fertilizers in a way that helps them increase the produce.

Recently, Hinga Weze USAID Funded Project signed a MOU with YARA in order to increase awareness of balanced nutrition concept in crops, usage of quality fertilizers by farmer, sales of differentiated fertilizer solutions, crop productivity and value chain competitiveness and access to finance and business with agro-dealers.



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