ERM 4th Graduates pledged to curb unemployment rate

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274 ERM (Equipping, Restoring and Multiplying) TVET graduates committed to offer their skills in reducing unemployment rate as their hands-on skills long term dreams have become reality.

These graduates were speaking on 22nd February 2019 during the 4th ERM graduation ceremony.

While graduating, these out-going students said they will promote self-employment strategy rather than job application and that will be beneficial to enormous unemployed youngsters who are a big burden to the nation.

Kaneza, a female culinary arts graduate believes that the skills she acquired from school during one year will help her to become a good investor.

“I am very joyful as I am graduating today, my dream has become reality. Studying is not an easy work but it pays after. Using my skills, I am ready to be entrepreneur and offer jobs to those who are unemployed because here we are trained to be self-employers rather than working for others.” She said.

Graduates from ERM at the 4th graduation ceremony.

She added that she disagrees with other graduates who have pessimistic mindset on job creation due to startup capital deficiency.

“You can even start by as little capital as possible, what is crucial is to know how to save and manage money, I disagree with those who sleep at their homes with degrees and become hopeless, calling themselves jobless.” She reiterated.

Sandrine Umunyana, who also graduated in culinary arts embarked on her colleague’s initiative saying that “Having a job at labor market depends on one’s courage and ideas, we have to think beyond and be innovative. The skills we have acquired in ERM will be catalyst of our progress, not only for us, but also for those who we will employ.” She confidently said, advising other youth to value vocational studies as it eases job creation and quick progress.

The common idea for these graduates is to be self-employers and big investors, which will be achieved through cooperatives establishment, the concept that has been successful according to School officials.

George William Rwambari, Director of ERM said that their main purpose is being achieved basing on their earliest students and how their putting in practice what they gained from the School.

“We are now achieving our main goals of helping Rwandan youngsters to be self- employers and be able to offer jobs and curb unemployment; here we train them to create self-sustainable jobs. The skills we gave to them are very significant, about 65% of our interns get jobs in the same institutions as they found them qualified and skilled” He testified.

The conception of ERM at the beginning was to help orphans, hopeless and helpless youth to regain their hope and as long as the time went on, doors were opened to everyone who wished to become a self-employed.

“Our trained youths go on labor market knowledgeably and competently, when we started this school, the aim was to help helpless and orphans, but now, everyone is welcome, we call upon all our youths to be job creators rather than being job hunters as our President Kagame advises us regularly” Said Emmanuel Sitaki Kayinamura, the founder of ERM. 

Emmanuel Sitaki Kayinamura, the founder of ERM.

He added that they will expand their college grounds as long as financial capacity will allow.

ERM/TVET school was established in 2008, whereby over 2000 students have fetched their skills.

The School offers Sewing Program, Carpentry Program, Welding Program, Hair Dressing Program, Construction Program and Culinary Arts.





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