UTB students need clarity about startup capital experience from senior investors

By Elias Hakizimana.  

A number of students of universities always think on their future investments and projects when they are still at campuses.

As piece of opportunities, they use to get their elder sisters and brothers doping businesses but do not reveal the truth about startup money.

Students from the University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (UTB) used to meet such entrepreneurs who successfully invested into own businesses but, according to some students, their lessons are helpful but they are not open to say the truth about the money they have started with, which mislead the younger students otherwise.

Lazaro Maniraguha, the 2nd year student in hospitality and restaurant management (HRM) at UTB appreciated the experience from colleague-youth who ventured in hospitality but he questions them to be hesitant in revealing the secret about startup money.

“We really appreciate the efforts of these people to come here and share their experience and their achievements. It really helps to stand up and grab opportunities outside there, it taps our mindset and know that there are some opportunities to grab, but there is something that they have not said which is the startup money,” Maniraguha said.

“What I need them to talk about and be clear on is money, because, to be honest, if you think about business we all have the ideas, that is why we came here, we came to study with the purpose, but what I really think, if they become clear about that, it will really help us,” He added.

ORATIO Anessa Léonne, another student in Travel and Tourism Management (TTM) at UTB also mentioned that such lessons are helpful as every student thinks on investing in own projects.

“It helps us because we also need to establish our own companies, we really want to know the way they went through to succeed, what challenged them, and what helped them most,” Anessa said.

She reiterated that startup money remains an issues especially convincing banks to offer a loan being in Tourism industry.

“Money is the common challenging issue that many people face, for us people from tourism sector, banks are reluctant to give us loan opportunities as they do for other businesses such as restaurants,” she said.

Jackline M Tumukunde, a tour operator, founder and Managing Director of JALLYN Travels has so far met the UTB students to discuss different opportunities and inspirer students to venture into tourism businesses because she found goldmine into this sector.

She advised them to first have a vision and passion of what they have to do and then come up with innovations. “And when you have vision provision follows.

Tumukunde told The Inspirer that she started with nothing and now her company is vibrant with paid employees and cars to facilitate their works.

“I started with nothing but now I have employees, I have cars and all of them came from starting a business, it means that financially we are good,” she said.

One tricky issue as the students said is that none of these mentors wants to reveal about the startup capital in reality as everyone used to say he/she started with nothing.

Augustin Bukuru, Tour operator, owner and Founder of ‘Show Me Around Rwanda’ tour company told these students to believe themselves and be passionate with their professions and not to worry about money.

 “Once you are passionate and you have a vision you can make it around, money is nothing because personally I started with nothing, I never started with money, and now I am where I am,” Bukuru noted.

UTB students with their mentors including senior entrepreneurs posing for a group photo.


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