Rwanda: Athletes missed standard times for the world championship   

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwanda athletics have missed their chance to go to Qatar for a world marathon championship contest set from September 27 to October 6th, 2019; as they did not get times in the recent national athletism competition held at National Amahoro Stadium on February 16, 2019.

The competition was organized by Rwanda Athletics Federation (RAF). RAF leadership decided to organize other competitions to help players try more chances.

The tournament involved both men and women in different marathon levels from 100m,200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 500m and 10,ooom where they were seeking for a ticket to Qatar in September this year.  

The games left APR team won the trophy in 10 000m where Noel Hitimana beat his opponents by holding the first place having used 29min 29’’42’’’ and Hakizimana was the 1st runner-up with the time 29’30’’54’’’.

While for 5,000m for women category, Primitive Niyirora who plays for NAS club took the first place using 18’16’’59’’ while APR’s Marthe Yankurije used 18’25’’05’’’.

For men category, Gilbert Nshimirimana of APR took the first place with 14’19’’00’’ and the 1st runner-up was Siragi Rubayita who plays for NAS having used 14’21’’11’’’.

Rwamagana’s Claire Uwitonze won in 3000m for women category and Carine Niyonshuti who plays for SINA took the 2nd place, while in 1500m Adeline Musabyimana was the first and Epiphanie Mutuyimana was the first runner-up.

APR’s Yves Nimubona won the first place in 800m in men category and Emmanuel Safari who plays for Police took the 2nd place while in women category Alice Ishimwe for Nyamasheke defeated her opponents and Adeline Musabyimana for APR was the twice. 

 Elysee Abayisenga   of Police beat others in 400m while Eric Turikunkiko of Rutsiro was the 2nd in men category. In women category Joselyne Nyiraneza of Police Athletic Club took the first place; and Sifa Ingabire of Rwamagana was her deputy.

Patient Dukeshimana of SINA has beaten others in 200m and followed by Niyirera Djamali of VJN while in women category Marthe Niyonkuru of Gicumbi TVET outran her opponents and followed by Joselyne Nyiraneza, a player of Police.

All the competitors did not get ticket to participate in international competition, but Fidele Mubiligi, President of   Rwanda Marathon Federation, during the press conference after competition told media that there is still a method which will help Rwandan players to participate in international competition.   

“The competition was successful as many people have participated, including those who want minima of World Champion for elite and African championship for children, many players have participated. In Athletism you can seek for minima today and you fail even if you are a talented player due to current fitness but once we know the capacity of a player, we approach his/her team and we think how he/she can get the opportunity and get those time trials for next competitions.” Mubirigi said.

For teams, Gicumbi won the trophy in women category while APR held the trophy in men category and collect the overall award gathering medals in men and women categories. 

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Elias Hakizimana

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