Former high risk zone dwellers praise Kagame for New descent houses

The Inspirer Staff.

Hundreds of families who lived in high risk zones were given smart houses in Urumuri IDP Model village and admire President Kagame, who initiated the IDP program.

Beneficiaries in Kicukiro said they were in anguish lives but currently are getting pleasure from new modern homes.

With full of emotions, Faustin Karekezi, 80, says while inaugurating those houses, that “I have been asking for a better home for so long but in vain as local leaders always denied, arguing that I have a young man to look after me. They were not fair because my son also is striving for his own life. I am going to end my life in a respectful way, thanks to His Excellency Paul Kagame, who was sent by God to save everyone who is in disgusting life.” He said.

Epimac Habumugisha who has been living in one-roomed dwelling also has a high regard for Kagame, saying that “I am like someone who is dreaming, I could never imagine to live in such a beautiful house compared to my former, which set me at the high risk zone,” he said.

Urumuri village which is in Masaka Sector, Kicukiro District is made up also by some historically marginalized people and disabled ex-combatants.

“We have linked this inauguration to our heroes’ day, since this is also a heroic activity of helping our citizens living in descent homes, we are achieving all these development initiatives by our visionary and our hero president Kagame” said Jeanne Nyirahabimana, the mayor of Kicukiro District.

Nyirahabimana urged the citizens to look after their houses well, keeping them clean without always looking on the government.

Apart from the houses, a leisure hall, poultry, garden kitchen, Early Child Development (EDC) building, health post were built to increase the social economic progress of those former vulnerable citizens.










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